Gossip Girl Redux: Dan and Blair Finally Confront Their Feelings!

The real Charlie and Ivy came face-to-face in tonight's episode and we learned that the two share an interesting past

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Breaking News: Gossip Girl went there.

The CW drama delivered digital conversation hearts with the words "You're Welcome!" on them to fans of Dan (Penn Badgley) and Blair (Leighton Meester) during their Valentine's Day episode, with the recently married Queen B finally confronting her feelings for Lonely Boy. Too bad their burgeoning relationship will have a few casualties, namely Serena (Blake Lively) and Chuck (Ed Westwick), who had vastly different reactings to the Dair developments in "Crazy, Cupid, Love."

As if that weren't enough, we finally learned who sent the blast during Blair's wedding, a missing person returned and Charlie (Ella Rae Peck) received a wake up call...

Operatin Derena Is a Bust: Blair is back from her honeymoon from hell, with new royal minder/assistant/babysitter in tow (who is in love with Prince Louis!), and has been bitten by the love bug: she's decided to play cupid for her two besties Serena and Dan. Silly Blair, don't you know Dan is in love with you?! The former couple end up at the same restaurant for meetings and share a drink while an incognito Blair and Dorota watch. Turns out, Blair orchestrated Derena's not-really-a-date-date. 

Gossip Girl attempts to blackmail Dan to bring Blair to the party by forwarding him the e-mail in which he sent the blast that destroyed Blair's marriage. At the Valentine's Day party, Dan tries to tell Blair he can't go through with it, but she tells him to be his "charming wonderful self" and goes on to tell him how amazing he's been with her this year. After listing everything he's done for her, Blair says, "If you're that guy with Serena how can she not love you?" Too bad Gossip Girl ruins the moment by texting Dan, demanding he kiss Blair. 


Dan finds out that Georgina is acting as Gossip Girl and threatens to tell everyone she's behind the site if she reveals that he sent the blast. Blair interrupts them to ask Dan why he isn't with Serena, saying she just wants him to be happy. Dan decides it's finally time to show her what would make him happy: he kisses her. Yes, Dan Humphrey finally kissed Blair Waldorf. And she kissed him back! It was the perfect first kiss...until Georgina, her camera phone and Serena walked in. 

Blair tries to explain to Serena that it wasn't her fault, but S isn't having it, telling Blair that this may be the one thing that breaks their friendship for good. While the BFFs duke it out, Georgina tells Dan that if Blair defaults in her marriage in any way (like, say, cheating on Louis with Dan), the dowry she owes would bankrupt the Waldorf family. Dan chases Blair and asks her how she feels about him. Blair says it doesn't matter because Serena is her best friend. She gives him one longing glance and tells him "Happy Valentine's Day" before getting in her limo and driving off. Slow burn, indeed!

It Ain't Easy Being Gossip Girl: Despite having multiple sources, Georgina is having a tough time getting scoop for Gossip Girl, so she decides to play drama cupid, putting out a blast saying Nate is throwing a "Come As You Were" party where attendees show up as their high school selves. Loves it! The whole gang attends, with Serena wearing her old-school uniform: a plaid skirt, tie and a killer sequined cardigan. Sigh, we miss that look. The party is all kinds of awesome and makes us miss Gossip Girl's high school years. 

After snapping the picture of Dan and Blair kissing, Georgina decides to hold off on posting it to Gossip Girl, but uses it as ammunition in a different way: she shoves it in Chuck's face. His reaction? He hooks up with Dan's book editor! Seems like he's getting some action and helping to destroy Dan's career in the process. What a multi-tasker!

Charlie vs. Ivy: Ivy (Kaylee Defer) is back, y'all, and she has some secrets! Shocking! While we've been anxiously awaiting her first meeting with the real Charlie, it turns out they already know each other! Yes, the two blondes attended acting classes together. The two catch up at Nate's party when Ivy takes a break from looking for Lily. After she leaves, Nate drops a truthbomb on Charlie, telling her Ivy's real name is Charlie Rhodes. To say Charlie looks confused and bewildered is a bit of an understatement. Oh, and you may be wondering where the hell Ivy's been hiding. Well, she's been in the Hamptons, taking care of CeCe, who is not doing so well. Oh no!

What did you think of Dan and Blair's first real kiss, Gossip Girl fans? Are you happy the show is going there or do you think Blair belongs with Chuck? What do you think Charlie will do about Ivy stealing her identity? Sound off in the comments!

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