Ben Flajnik admitted on The Bachelor tonight that he's looking for a woman "who's a little bit weird."

Like, black-widow weird?

We're just saying, because that's what the otherwise-pretty-nice Kacie B. thinks of Courtney Robertson, whose outspoken assurance that hers is the only hand worth holding has grated on her housemates all season.

The 28-year-old from L.A., who's been controversial enough to score tabloid covers already, showed a smidgen of vulnerability when she questioned whether things were going well enough for her to want to introduce Ben to her family.

But those were some short-lived jitters.

"Snap, girls. Show's over, you can pack your bags...kill shot!" smirked Courtney after her temple-climbing one-on-one with Ben in Belize turned out just the way she had hoped. "I don't want to get cocky though," she added quickly.

But while Courtney's mind was put at ease when Ben told her he definitely wanted to meet her family during a hometown visit, he also started poking around at dinner about what was really going on between her and the other women in the house.

First, she told him that she had been nothing but nice to them and had tried "100 percent" to get to know them before they so viciously passed judgment on her.

"I'm so bored by them," Courtney said. "They're so vanilla and they're very into themselves. It's exhausting when you don't really enjoy someone's company and you have to sit there and live with them every day."

Ben's brow also furrowed when he asked Courtney if she had a big group of girlfriends and she tellingly replied that she had "a lot of guy friends." (Translation: women don't like me.)

When he expressed concern as to whether or not she had trouble getting along with people, she indignantly replied, "Do you know what my job is like?! I'm the talent. I have to make everyone happy...I can adapt to anything," she concluded. "I'm just not impressed by these women, or girls. I don't even think they're women!"

You hear that, Ben? All those ladies you like? They're not even women!

But they were a cohesive unit on Monday's episode.

Kacie may have scored the I'm-going-home-with-you rose on the three-on-one date, but Nicki Sterling and Rachel Truehart overlooked that and took the opportunity to let Ben know exactly what they thought of Courtney. In so many words...

"We want you to be cautious about Courtney," Nicki offered, to which the Ben-approved Kacie added, "Just tread lightly."

And then, as Courtney was telling everyone else how confident she felt and how ready she was to "get rid of some girls" (including the "little girl in a little boy's body," as she called Kacie), Chris Harrison came along and informed them there would be no cocktail party.

We wouldn't say Ben turned a deaf ear to the ladies' concerns—no, he turned a deaf ear when Courtney, clutching her rose, snottily waved at the departing Emily O'Brien and muttered, "See ya, wouldn't wanna be ya," under her breath.

So...yup. Courtney is having Ben home to meet the fam, as is Kacie, Nicki and Lindzi Cox (the winner of the first impression rose on day one).

Rachel felt "very rejected," but Emily just expressed hope that there was "still time" for Ben to see Courtney's true colors.

From her mouth to ABC's ears.

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