Matt Bomer

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Dear Ted:
Just read that while accepting an award over the weekend Matt Bomer exited the closet. Has he ever been the subject of a past Blind Vice that you can now reveal?

Dear I'm Coming Out:
Sorry, P, Bomer's entirely there's no Kirkland Dogmatic-esque reveal here. But really, Bomer's sexual orientation has hardly been a secret, despite him choosing not to chitchat about his hubby. Still, kudos to the dude for speaking candidly about his family. With all the recent breakups in the biz, we're in serious need of another couple to swoon over. Especially one with a face as friggin' gorgeous as Matty's.

Dear Ted:  
Are Katy Perry and Rihanna still BFFs? Or is it just like any Hollywood marriage...quickly ended?

Dear Frenemies:
Rihanna and Katy may have seemed to hit a rough patch (especially with Ri-Ri opting out of Katy's India nuptials to Russell Brand), it's safe to say the two are still in major BFF mode. And after Katy's rather telling performance at the Grammys, we have to wonder whether the gals are bonding extra hard now that Brand's out of the picture—there were rumors circulating that Rihanna was not a fan of the dude. Either way, happy to see these babes back together, now can we please get a duet already?!

Dear Ted:
So are Leonardo DiCaprio and Erin Heatherton done yet? He's been seen with the usual local talent in Australia...Can we hope?
Mariah Scarey

Dear Off to the Next Model:
Despite the rumors, methinks the twosome's still together—for now. But will they last? Now that, I seriously doubt. Even though Mama DiCaprio seems to be a fan.

Dear Ted:
I wanted to know if Ed Westwick and Jessica Szhor are back together, because I heard that they were making out in a bar in Brooklyn this weekend.

Dear XOX-ON:
The two have always been known for their on-again, off-again relaysh. And while they may have hooked up, it certainly doesn't mean they are back together. Sorry, babe, but that's the way it goes in Hollyweird!

Dear Ted:  
I'm a huge Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult fan. They look really cute together. I was hoping this was the year both where going to be breakout stars, Jennifer with The Hunger Games and Nicholas with Warm Bodies and Jack the Giant Killer. But since both of Nicholas' movies have been pushed back, I'm kind of afraid for them. Do you think they will last the More Famous Girlfriend syndrome?

Dear Jen On The Rise:
Sorry H, but I'd say J.Law already broke out. Gal was nominated for an Academy Award last year for her incredible performance in Winter's Bone and now she's about to take on the big screen in the largest franchise since Twilight. As for Jen and her BF? Tough to say whether the two will last. The odds aren't in their favor, but then again, Jen hardly seems like the traditional H'wood type.

Dear Ted:  
I heard a rumor that Dianna Agron is pregnant, so instead of Glee dealing with all of the issues it brings up, they're just killing Quinn off. Any truth to it? Seems kinda crazy.

Dear Baby Gleek Alert?
It's as ridiculous as it sounds—Dianna's certainly not pregnant. Whether or not she returns to Glee has nothing to do with a baby Gleek on board, 'kay? The fiery car crash though? Well, I wouldn't be too surprised.

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