Kim Richards, Andy Cohen, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion


Viewers might have enjoyed this season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills but at least one 90210 TV set was turned off.

Kim Richards' post-rehab interview with Andy Cohen finally aired tonight, and the troubled reality star admits she couldn't stand seeing herself onscreen. 

(For anyone who missed the real-time headlines or the zillion Bravo promos running on air and online, Kim admits she's an alcoholic.)

"I had so much guilt and shame for my behavior...then I drank to cover the guilt and shame to make it go away."

It was a somber farewell to season two, and not just for Kim.

Taylor Armstrong details more of her twisted relationship with former husband Russell Armstrong. She claims he bugged her desk, house and car and had her take a polygraph after accusing her of cheating. He also spied on her and almost drowned her in a friend's pool after overhearing Taylor discuss their problems.

And while she won't respond to Andy's question about her ex being murdered, Taylor does explain why she finally left him—and it has nothing to do with getting kicked out her circle of Bev Hills friends. "I could have lost my eye," she says of an altercation with Russell. 

"I was living in a very unhealthy environment, and I drug a lot of my friends into [it], and I have a lot of remorse for that."

Dana Wilkey gets to explain why she's such a flashy kiss-ass...after showing off her f--k you heels. We're still wondering exactly who that scribble was directed at.

"I'm two people," she tells Andy. "My mom was poor and my dad was rich." She grew up in Methuen, Mass., where her $25,000 shades are half the median household income. And then moved to New York with her dad where she rubbed shoulders with Manhattan's elite at Nightingale-Bamford prep school.

So maybe her beef is with Lisa Vanderpump. "Your dog wears attire for every event," sniped Dana. Or Adrienne Maloof, who's "got a jet and a casino." Or Brandi Glanville, who she accuses of being a bad guest at game night for poking at Kim and Kyle Richards.

Any which way, it doesn't look like Dana's making the ladies' speed dial list except for Taylor's.

Kim also holds a grudge against Brandi and swears prescription medication was all she took on game night.

She admits she owes the hobbled blonde an apology. "The difference is I owe her one for moving her crutches and she owes me one for basically hurting all the people I love...One daughter just cried and another one told me you don't know how hard it is to walk down the street." 

But since she's gotten sober, Kim says her kids have come back around, visiting or texting her every night. And while it's also repaired her relationship with Kyle, sobriety hasn't reunited her with boyfriend Ken. Kim's now living in a hotel and hasn't seen him since rehab. 

As for Mauricio Umansky, his relationship with sister-in-law Kim is still in limbo since no formal apology has been offered. And that's not all the Housewives hottie is waiting for. Apparently, he hasn't received one naked fan photo this year.

That might change after tonight's topless montage that includes a quick flash of Mauricio's backside as he's gets ready for a massage.

Ken Todd also believes he's fairly attractive to women—especially Brandi. "They want me. And that's why I wouldn't take my shirt off in case she attacked me."

As for Paul Nassif...well, surgical consultations are bound to increase for Adrienne's sweet but slightly chubby hubby.

So, was tonight's interview with Kim enough or would you have liked to hear more from the recovering alcoholic? And do you think her third trip to rehab will do the trick? Are you feeling differently about Dana after hearing about her humble beginnings? And are there any viewers out there hot for anyone but Mauricio? Ken and Paul fans, we want to hear from you!

Sound off on tonight's subdued episode or on all the madness and mean-girls backstabbing of season two in our comments section below! 

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