Jordin Sparks, Whitney Houston, Sparkle

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The world not only lost a legend with the death of Whitney Houston, but we also lost a brilliant creator who most recently was dedicated to her role as executive producer on the movie Sparkle, starring American Idol alum Jordin Sparks.

And although Sparks hasn't released an official statement following Whitney's death, we caught up with Jordin back at the Critics' Choice Awards last month and asked her exactly what it was like working with the vocal legend.

So were there any signs Houston was heading down another dangerous path?

Not really.

According to Sparks, Houston always seemed thrilled to be on set, relishing in her role as executive producer on the remake of the 1976 Irene Cara sister flick:

"It's really cool to see her work because she's been through so much," Sparks gushed, before emphasizing how Whit's tackled and overcome her demons.

"To get to this point and be at this point…she just seemed so happy, and I'm really excited that I could have been a part of that," Sparks said with clear admiration.

And we can't help but note the tragedy in Jordin's words. Clearly, the babe believed in Whitney's new road to success, and we can only imagine how shocked the Idol singer was to hear that her very own idol had passed.

So, how did Jordin describe their first encounter?

"It was incredible. I sang her songs into a hairbrush and I absolutely love her and adore anyway before meeting her. You never know how people are going to be [but] she was so sweet," Sparks told us with a massive grin.

And Jordin only had more kind words to say about Whit, describing her fun and caring nature on set:

"She was singing all the time…She was very nurturing, very motherly, was always asking if I was OK, to everybody," Jor admitted, clearing seeming like she loved every minute with Houston.

So we can only imagine how Sparks feels at the loss of her costar, idol and executive producer, but with rumors swirling Sparkle may still have the same release date, fans could get to see Whitney immortalized on the big screen, one last time.

But while we await more details on the legend's untimely death and honor her presence, we're just so happy to hear Whitney was doing what she loved—until her very last day.

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