Morning Mail! Katy Perry All Smiles on Divorce

Readers wonder if Jessica Chastain is lying about her age

By Ted Casablanca Feb 13, 2012 1:03 PMTags
Katy PerryJeff Bottari/Getty Images

Dear Ted:
I know you seem to side with Katy Perry in her problems, but I'm with Russell Brand on the divorce. I think he made the right decision. I think his refusing to take any of her money speaks volumes. When I read on People's site that Katy signed her divorce papers with a smiley face, it just seems to me to be an indication of immaturity and insensitivity. It's a legal document that represents something sad, something breaking down and ending. Adding a smiley face is so inappropriate.
Miss P

Dear Turn That Frown Upside Down:
Alright, so maybe a smiley face on court documents is a bit much, but maybe Katy's just trying to make the best of a sad situation. Divorce is a difficult thing to deal with, so let's give her a pass on this one, ‘kay P? It's not like Russell is Mister Innocent here. So here's to hoping everybody can finally move on and live happy lives. While I love me some juicy goss, the romantic in me would much rather discuss steamy new relayshes than heartbreak. You?

Dear Ted:
I've been reading a lot lately about how Jessica Chastain has been lying about her age and that she is actually 35+ years old. Is there any truth to this? I hope not, because she is slowly becoming one of my favorite actresses and seems incredibly nice and down-to-earth. Hope you can shed some light on this matter.

Dear Age Is Just a Number:
No dirt as to whether there's any truth to the rumors, though I have heard the topic floating around. Doesn't this happen every few years, just like it did with Catherine Zeta-Jones? And even though I'm all about honesty, have to say, can you blame these women? They do business in a town that slavishly worships youth and physical appearance. At least Jessica isn't going crazy obsessed and getting work done. Until the truth is revealed (if it's really even a lie at all), let's continue to support the beautiful actress we know and love so dearly.

Dear Ted:
I have a new and different person in mind for Cleopatra or better yet maybe one of the Elizabeth Taylor movies. Rose McGowan. She's got the acting chops, the dark hair, fair skin and the curves. What do you think?

Dear Hollywood Glam:
The girl's definitely got the Hollywood-vixen thing down, but I'm not so convinced Rose is Liz material, icon-wise. But, I could be convinced! Rose, interested?

Dear Ted:
My question is about Halle Berry and her custody battle. Just want to know why a) he was good enough to be baby daddy and b) if he was stable enough when she was on location and he acted as the nanny. I am talking about the ex, Gabriel Aubry. Why is it that she wants to pursue another dysfunctional relationship abroad? Is he this evil daddy?
Lady L

Dear Daddy's Little Girl:
Things are always good. Err… until they're not. I don't think it's the best idea to be moving to France, especially in the middle of a custody battle. Not saying the actress is a complete sweetheart, but it must be pretty bad to want to move halfway across the world! Ultimately, it should be about what's best for their daughter, right? And I have to say, Gabriel and Nahla do look happy when they're together.

Dear Ted:
Saw my first celeb sighting ever! Derek Jeter at Tampa International. He was standing there, smiling at someone behind me. I turned around and it was Minka Kelly! Big hugs, and a little smooch. They held hands while he pulled her luggage. They were both smiling ear to ear, very sweet. They looked like a couple of teens, adorable!

Dear Teenage Dream:
With Valentine's Day fast approaching, it's great to hear about an H'wood couple making it work, especially amidst all the Hollywood drama and divorces aplenty. Athletes don't always have the best rep, but I'm totally rooting for Minka, ‘cause she's a sweetheart. Wishing the lovebirds best of luck! 

Dear Ted:
Did you see the interview with Lana Del Rey in Rolling Stone? They weren't too kind when reviewing her album in the issue, either. She seems sweet. I don't know what all of the controversy is about.

Dear Getting Stoned:
So with you on this one, B. Lana Del Rey is super sweet, so I'm not sure why she has so many haters either. Can't be easy dealing with constant bashing on her singing, and now her physical appearance? Seriously, cut the girl some slack, already! I can understand if you aren't Del Rey's number-one fan, but no need for snide remarks.

Dear Ted:
How come we have not heard anything from She-Devil Dees in a long time? Surely her off-screen antics should be translating into some high-profile projects?

Dear Devil's Playground:
Sorry, She-Devil decided it was about time she actually got back to work (rather than slutting around town and talking about it), so she can stay relevant. And then go back to talking smack about everybody all over again!