Ryan Gosling


If The Hangover 2 taught us anything, it's that what happens in Thailand doesn't always stay there.

Which, thankfully for us, means that we get to see sexy pics of Ryan Gosling and his bulging biceps filming his latest movie, Only God Forgives, in Bangkok. But it seems like the juicy stuff might be happening when the cameras aren't rolling, ‘cause Mr. Gosling was not alone in his Thailand travels.

So who's accompanying the hunk abroad?

GF Eva Mendes, of course.

It's only fair that she pay R.Gos a visit on the set of his latest film—a Thai-boxing flick about a Bangkok police lieutenant and a gangster squaring off—after he did the same when she was shooting Holly Motors in Paris (remember that creepy-cute cemetery date?).

Ry has been seen out and about looking très buff (did you peep those pics of him rockin' a red tank top the other day? Holy eyegasm!) while Eva has been off doing some sightseeing in her spare time.

But surprisingly they haven't been snapped canoodling together yet!

Which may be because there are practically no paparazzi currently clicking away in Bangkok! Though, now that word—1,000 of ‘em courtesy of these pictures—is out about the romantic trip abroad, we have a feeling Thailand might just because a pap hot spot real soon.

So Ryan and Eva, you might want to get in all the PDA action you can while you're still able to stay low-key.

And might we suggest Dream World, which is advertised as Thailand's very own Disneyland (complete with a haunted mansion and Fantasy Land!). We know how much Gosling loves his D-Land dates, so it could be a little home away from home.

Or you two could wait until the paparazzi arrive and continue your on-the-move makeout sessions aboard an elephant! How friggin' awesome (and adorable, duh) would that be?!

Either way, we're sure we'll be seeing way more of you two Thailand lovebirds soon.

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