Gloria Estefan is doing the Time Warp!

The Cuban-born hitmaker's dance-and-romance-heavy new video for "Hotel Nacional"—No. 5 on the Billboard Dance chart right now—draws inspiration from a variety of cinematic sources, including Cabaret, The Bird Cage and, yes, The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

So where does Susan Lucci fit in?

The All My Children icon is a member of the festively dressed crowd (who just so happens to get a fair share of close-ups) in the boisterous video, in which Estefan serves as a torch-singing welcome wagon to a young couple who seek shelter at the hotel during a storm and—dammit, Janet—end up in their underwear.

High School Musical and This Is It director-choreographer Kenny Ortega helmed the video, which was shot in Miami and also features Estefan's daughter Emily wailing on the drums.

There's a laser light show, dudes in drag, ladies wearing fedoras, swing-dancing—"Hotel Nacional" is a party in and of itself.


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