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Well, if you're gonna tell all, you might as well do it on Howard Stern.

Courteney Cox did just that this morning, phoning into the Sirius shock jock's morning radio show with her Cougartown costar Christa Miller. It wasn't long (as in, almost immediately) before the conversation veered away from their TV show and on to her sex life, her relationship (and finances) with David Arquette, the rumors of a fallout with BFF Jennifer Aniston, how she feels about her ex's new girlfriend and which (taken) star she's currently crushing on.

Among other, less printable disclosures.

First off, Cox quickly dismissed the latest round of rumors that there's trouble between her and Aniston.

"No," she said. "We're very close, I'm having dinner with her tonight."

With that out of the way, the conversation moved on to Cox's love life. Or, to hear her tell it, lack thereof. When questioned by Stern as to whether she still held to her claim from her previous visit that she was remaining abstinent, she said her situation hadn't changed.

"I'm holding to it," she said. "I've not had a man since David."

But that's not to say she hasn't gotten any action.

"I've made out with one guy," she said, all but confirming past reports of a romance with costar Josh Hopkins.

"That guy from the show, right?" Howard asked.

"Maybe," she replied.

As for her other prospects, hard as it to believe, Courteney claims there's just no takers.

"No guy's asked me out. I'm not saying I'm not ready to have a make-out session, it just makes me nervous. I don't like to go out in general…I have sexual feelings, there's ways to deal with that. It's time for me to get out there. It's not easy to meet people. They don't call me."

As for her type, "quirky" has been established. And we can add "funny" to that list, too.

"There's something sexy about Jimmy Kimmel to her," Christa spilled.

"I like his smile, he has a nice smile," Cox admitted. Not that the taken star should be waiting by the phone.

"I'm really not ready, I'm still emotionally…it's hard, I was in a marriage for a very long time and just because we ended up growing apart for reasons of…we just led separate lives and we have different compatibility issues, I'm just not there."

So, would she want to rekindle their relationship? Cue the awkward silence.

"Um, this is awkward, because I actually probably feel like his girlfriend's listening, besides the millions of other people. There is a huge part of me that…there's a huge part of my life with David, no question, but I feel like right now our relationship is probably better than it would be if we lived together, it's definitely better than it used to be. We communicate better, we have much more respect for each other, we listen. It's hard."

Though she has nothing but glowing words for his new girlfriend, Christina McLarty.

"I met her, she's really nice, she's really pretty...She had a good sense of humor, she was nice. Very tall, I'm not. Very young, I'm not."

And luckily, she gets along well with her daughter—and Christa helpfully floated a theory as to why that might be: "They're very close in age, Coco and Christina."

Meanwhile, even David's in support of Courteney moving on.

"He even says to me, 'Courteney, it's time, get out there.' He's comfortable with whoever that would be with."

As for their current financial situation, Cox said "absolutely not" to reports she gave him half her money, and in terms of their financial settlement said "David's fine, everything done, we're all good."

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