WWK Top Couples


Don't go changing, shippers. Especially now that we're down to only four in our TV's Top Couples tournament and we need your crazy Internet ways more than ever.

Which Glee couple will make it to the final round? And can a Supernatural bromance really take down a Community favorite? Plus, we have good news for fans whose couple may have been eliminated too soon...

Does it matter that save for Glee's Brittany and Santana, none of these pairings are actual romantic couples? Nope! Our only rule was that the characters were currently on the show, and the rest was up to you guys. We love bromances and galmances just as much as regular romances!

Did your favorite couple get knocked out way too early for your liking? Now is the time to give them another chance at the crown! Head to Twitter and tweet @KristinDSantos and nominate your favorite couple into the finale round. Make sure you hashtag your couples, male name first, unless it's a same-sex couple, then it doesn't matter who is first. Add "top couple" to the end of the hashtag, provide the name of the show and you're all set! For example:

#castleandbecketttopcouple Castle
#blaineandkurttopcouple Glee
#bradandjanetopcouple Happy Endings

Vote in the final four poll below, nominate an eliminated couple as a wild card, and prepare for the end of our epic TV's Top Couples tournament! Voting in the poll and in the wild card round ends Thursday, Feb. 9 at 11:59 p.m. PST.

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