Scarlett Johansson or Charlize Theron to Play Princess Diana!? Casting Scoop on New Biopics

Exclusive: Many A-list beauties have been names, so who’s really interested in the role?

By Ted Casablanca, Alyssa Toomey Feb 08, 2012 9:10 PMTags
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Consider it a royally fabulous day.

‘Cause not one, not two, but three Princess Diana movies are rumored to be in the making, and we can't wait to see who's got enough royal mojo for the part.

And with famous beauties such as Keira Knightley, Jessica Chastain, Scarlett Johansson, Carey Mulligan and Charlize Theron supposedly tied to the various projects, we gotta ask:

Which one these broads is itching to play Princess Di and who is looking to kiss the role goodbye?

Rumors have been swirling ever since British film producer Stephen Evans spoke candidly about his next project, a biopic based on the book, Closely Guarded Secret, penned by Diana's bodyguard Ken Wharfe.

Evans admitted they are looking at "relative unknowns" and "one or two very famous people" to play the part, which will follow the years before Diana's divorce, just after she had Prince Harry.

Cue Charlize Theron and Carey Mulligan, whose names were quickly connected to the role, but don't get your hopes up if Car's your dream Di:

"It's completely inaccurate. She was never tied to the project," Mulligan's rep told us.

And while calls to Charlize have not been returned, we're getting a bit suspicious if Char may be dealing with the same sitch—beauty aside, she is, after all, a little too old for the movie's timeline.

But what about the other Diana biopics? Like the film simply titled Diana, which Scarlett Johansson and Keira Knightley have supposedly been connected to?

Sorry Diana hopefuls, even more misinformation, as Scarlett's rep told us "there is no truth to this—Scarlett has never been approached about this project or read a script."

What's more? According to her rep, the curvy blonde "has no interest in playing ‘Diana' in a biopic."

And…as for Keira?

Her camp seemed to have zero knowledge of the project as well, which is quite the shame if you ask us. Perhaps Stephen Evans should contact the gal for his Diana biopic, no? We think Knightley would be fabulous in the role.

So, with all the rumors floating around, can we actually expect to see anyone play Diana?

Yep! The lovely Jessica Chastain, who is officially set to star in Caught in Flight, which will focus on Diana's relationship with heart surgeon Dr. Hasnat Kahn.

But now that several of these rumors have now been debunked and two potential biopics have been sorta un-cast, we turn to you Awful readers to ask who's royally fit for the iconic role?

Sound off below!