Rooney Mara

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Dear Ted:
Although I like Rooney Mara and her anti-Hollywood look, why isn't she getting as much flack as Kristen Stewart when she first came onto the scene with her "I don't give an eff" attitude. Rooney has bashed her previous jobs before Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and has stated that she is different than other actresses. I'm all for it, but I'd rather see someone be their true selves.

Dear Mara vs. Stewart:
I can't help but wonder if Rooney is actually this dark Indie chick, or if she's taken on method acting to a new level. While she may (OK, does) have an attitude, she comes off more snooty than what you call "I don't give an eff" behavior. That compliment belongs wholly and firstly to our fab K.Stew, don't deprive the gal of her rebel independence, ‘kay? Agree, Adri?

Dear Ted:
Wasn't Cleopatra Egyptian? I'm tired of seeing all these white actresses being suggested to play the legendary ruler. How about we give the role to someone of color? It's hard enough for women of color to get roles in Hollywood without having a white actress steal a role like Cleopatra away from them.

Dear Skin Deep:
Actually, Cleopatra was of Greek descent. Snap! While Cleopatra might not have been blond-haired and blue-eyed, I wouldn't say that the role is being stolen. That said, totally for women of color to be considered, such as Zoe Saldana Halle Berry or what the hell's wrong with Viola Davis huh? I'd love to hear other suggestion, too!  Who would you like to see playing the iconic role, L? 

Dear Ted:
Lea Michele
is an amazing actress and a hard-working girl. You don't see scandalous behavior from her like drug habits and police problems. So I was wondering, when will we see Lea working on more movies?

Dear Say No to Drugs:
D, love how you don't include Lea's delish diva ways being on her Vice radar, we agree! Isn't it nice to see a young actress with a good head on her shoulders? And as soon as genius Ryan Murphy unchains the darling girl, bring on da movies!

Dear Ted:
I've recently become obsessed with the sexy British import Tom Hiddleston! Is he married? Single?

Dear Anglomania:
Intriguing Hiddleston has been linked to actress Susannah Fielding, but he's staying mum about his love life. Must say, that is so passé, Tommy. So if you want to get super-famous, be daring and start chattering about who's lucky enough to snog with ya!

Dear Ted:
Another football-related question! Not sure if you saw the NFL Honors ceremony, but the heat between Aaron Rodgers and Katharine McPhee was palpable! Wishful thinking on her part, or is there something there? What a gorgeous couple they would make!

Dear Time Out:
The hunky quarterback is said to be dating Destiny Newton, who he met back in his teen years. So while you may have spotted some chemistry between McPhee and Rodgers, my guess is they're just being friendly. Besides, the singer is married to Nick Cokas, who would like to know your address, Kay, but we declined on your behalf.

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