Hunger Games, Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson

Murray Close/Lionsgate

Who knew you readers were so…haute?!

‘Cause when we launched our Hunger Games premiere contest we could never have imagined just how Capitol-chic you all would be…well, except for those of you who found your inspiration in District 12's dystopian duds. But you look fab too!

Which is why we're tickled to show off just how creative you all are! So click on in to peep more HG-inspired looks and weigh in on your fave fans:

March 12. Los Angeles. Jennifer Lawrence. And possibly you!

Those all the deets for the premiere of the highly anticipated Hunger Games film (OMGames, it hits theaters out in 44 days, can you believe it?!). But to see the movie before all your friends—and with Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson, no less—we're putting you to the test.

Tweet a pic of your best Hunger Games-inspired look—whether it be the glitz and glam of the big city or action-ready clothes for the arena—to @theawfultruth with a quickie explanation of your look and using the hashtag #HungerFashion.

And if you need any inspiration for a high fashion look of the future, check out the official Capitol Couture page. To die for, no?

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You've got less than a week to submit, Mockingjays, because the clock is ticking towards that deadline (Monday February 13 at Midnight).

But before you go get out your glitter and hair dye, take a peak at some of the tributes and Captiol-folk that have come before you and tell us whose looks is fab and whose falls flat.

Behold, 15 more Hunger Games Red Carpet Ready looks in our gallery!

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