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¡Ay, caramba!

Tonight's episode of Glee reminded us why we swooned so much over Ricky Martin back when he was just "Livin' la Vida Loca." But he also served as a mentor of sorts for our dear Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison). Let's break down this special Spanish episode of Glee, and take a peek at the big Regionals episode coming up…


Mr. Schuester Starred in an After-School Special: Find your dreams, Will! When David showed up as the superior Spanish teacher and had superior passion about teaching the subject, it made Will question everything he was doing. Even Santana got on his back about his career path, in what was a pretty intense yet sweet moment between teacher and student. Plus, we've always been suckers for Will's inner monologues. Reminds us of Season One Glee.

We are not, however, suckers for how Will treated Emma (Jayma Mays) midway through the episode. Sure, he was frustrated, and his ego was a bit crushed due to David's Spanish sexiness, but why you gotta snap at your fiancée? Especially when she was trying to show you something she was passionate about: her cleverly titled pamphlets. In the end, it all worked out: Mr. Schue will teach History, he gave his Spanish teaching position to the much more qualified David, and he apologized to his lovely Emma. Sometimes the road to finding your dreams is a bumpy one, and sometimes you dress like a matador.

Kurt Does Not Support Finn and Rachel's Engagement: Rachel (Lea Michele) revealed to her besties Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Mercedes (Amber Riley) that she was engaged to Finn. Naturally, they scoffed at the idea of their star possibly giving up everything to stay together with Finn. Rachel came back with a fair point: What would Kurt do if Blaine proposed? His silence was the only answer she needed.

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Later, Kurt approached Finn (Cory Monteith) about the engagement, insisting that putting a ring on Rachel's finger meant that he was giving up on himself, and that Finn should still be pursing a bright future beyond just being Rachel's man. We agree with Kurt, even though we believe that Finn and Rachel really do love each other. Do they love each other enough to survive transitioning from high school to college? That remains to be seen.

Mercedes Chooses Marcus…Kind of: After Emma counseled the non-couple about their feelings for each other (with a pamphlet, natch), Sam (Chord Overstreet) and Mercedes went into radio silence. That didn't stop Sam from singing her a sweet rendition of "Bamboleo"/"Hero" in the choir room. None of that mattered in the end, since Mercedes basically picked Marcus in the end. Of course, she gave a long, lingering look to her summer fling in the hallway, which was a giant "this love triangle isn't over yet!" sign.

Sue Wants a Baby: Why didn't Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) think of procreating before? As silly as this storyline was, it was so sweet to see Sue admit to Emma that she wanted Will to father her child so her kid would inherit his kind-hearted genes. And as much as we loved Roz Washington (NeNe Leakes) going toe-to-toe with Sue, we miss the good ol' fashioned hair jokes that spewed forth when Will and Coach Sylvester fought. So are we throwing Sue a Glee-themed baby shower in the future or what?

Rewind moment: Finn's facial expression when Will tells him he's an "authentic Spanish matador."


"William, will you please remove that enormous sombrero so I can break it down for you?!"—Figgins
"I'm sorry, I'm trying to listen, but you have some beautiful teeth."—Night school student
"In jail. Or dead. Or Both."—Puck predicting his future
"It is so inappropriate for you to ask him to father your child."—Emma's understatement to Sue

Brittana Fans, Gird Your Loins: Brittany and Santana aren't in the final eight of our TV's Top Couples tournament by accident: They are a much beloved couple by the fans, and in the Valentine's Day episode (next Tuesday), Brittana will love the fans right back in the form of some long overdue PDA. Trust us, you'll be squealing in happiness next week.

Lea Michele, Cory Monteith


Regionals: You know what happens when Glee does a Regionals episode, right? Lots o' drama. And this season's Regionals episode will be no different. But let's first focus on how cute Lea Michele and Cory Monteith are in this photo he tweeted today! The gang is filming Regionals scenes all this week, and our little spies have spotted Rachel's dads and Finn and Kurt's parents in the audience. Plus, Sebastian will be back to cause more problems, of course. And this time, it has nothing to do with going after Blaine.

Quinn Comes Roaring Back: Even though the Michael episode seemed like a storyline wrap-up for our dear Quinn, we hear she's got something coming up that'll remind us of the old Cheerio captain from days of yore (Season One). But don't worry, Finchel enthusiasts…she won't be trying to win Finn's heart yet again.

What did you guys think of Ricky Martin and Santana helping Will find his way? Excited for the V-Day episode? See you Gleeks downstairs in the comments.

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