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Girls gone wild on tonight's episode of Teen Mom 2.

First Leah admitted to her hubby Corey that she cheated on him (again) with ex-boyfriend Robbie (again)—a week before their wedding.

Was this camouflage fairy tale all just a lie?

Then, if crying along with Corey (again) wasn't heartbreaking enough, role-model mama Kailyn got busy in her bedroom with the most unlikely suspect—and not her boyfriend Jordan

We knew Leah and Corey's relationship was rocky—besides watching them argue on the show, we happen to know they've been divorced since last year—but Leah's tearful confession that she hooked up with Robbie (Leah's first love, who drove a wedge between the young couple in their 16 and Pregnant episode) was still shocking. And sad.

"I just don't know if I can get past cheating this time," Corey said sorrowfully. "The past three years I've been hurt more than I have in my whole life."  

With her face streaked by tears, mascara and blue eye shadow, Leah told her husband, "You deserve someone that's gonna appreciate everything you do."

"That's why it's so hard, because I want it to be you," Corey cried. "But you won't do it."

Can someone hand us a new box of Kleenex here?

Corey's dad, Jeff, is less surprised when his son breaks the bad news about Leah's infidelity ("I can only guess who") and supports his son decision to get a divorce. "You put up with a lot to keep your family together. Every time she goes down the road to go tanning or whatever, you're always in the back of your mind gonna wonder…if she's going to meet somebody else." (Or is moonlighting at Year Round Brown.)

Days later, Corey texts Leah—who's staying at her mom's house with their daughters Ali and Aleeah—to let her know he's hired a lawyer. Worried about custody of the girls, Leah decides to consult her own "lah-yer" and ends up filing for divorce first.

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We're slightly reassured when we see just what a great job Kailyn and baby daddy Jo are doing with their coparenting relationship. Because he's devoting his weekends to his skyrocketing music career (aka "doing his thing"), Jo requests midweek custody visit with Isaac—at Kailyn's house. Things went so swimmingly at their last get-together so Jo could meet Jordan, what could go wrong? Let's just say Jordan's "bad feeling about the weekday visits" was well founded.

And Kailyn accidentally saying "love you" in a goodbye kiss to Jo? That's what we call foreshadowing. Because in only their second family get-together—after Jo reassured Kailyn that he's dropping his child support appeal—Isaac's mom and dad went to the bedroom and shut the door on the cameras.

At least Kailyn's IUD is firmly in place?

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Accepting the baton as Teen Mom 2 role model is Chelsea, who is clearly enjoying all the perks of her new job at Year-Round Brown—a tan, a paycheck, a tan, self-confidence and a tan.  

And even though baby daddy Adam accuses his ex of being a "f--king child" and telling her to "f--king grow up already," Chelsea is demonstrating her maturity. She's ready to rock the GED, and makes her very first rent payment. "I never thought I'd get checks from you," chortled her clearly delighted dad and landlord, Randy, eager to make history by depositing that leopard-printed beauty at the bank.

Chelsea says she's motivated to give daughter Aubree "something for her to look up to"—but she's making all of us proud. (At least until next week's finale, whose previews show her still mooning over Adam. Sigh.)

Maturity must be going viral, because perpetually "stressed out" Jenelle finally acknowledges that maybe jail is worse than smoking pot, dating Kieffer and brawling with her friends. And after screaming profanities at each other over baby Jace, Jenelle and mom Barbara share a tender moment about rehab.

"I just want you to get better—I know it's very much a struggle, so let's get you somewhere and get you some help," Barbara says, comforting her troubled daughter. Her attorney fixes it so that Jenelle can check into a facility in California, and mother and daughter share a tearful farewell.

"I'll miss you," Barbara says, deadpanning. "I won't miss the drama—but get better."

Are you Team Leah or Team Corey? What did you think of the rest of tonight's mama dramz? Sound off in the comments!

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