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Call us crazy, but we had a certain casting idea while watching Madonna get carried out by all those hunky slave boys on her Egyptian-themed throne during yesterday's Super Bowl half-time show.

Yep, we're thinking Madge may be perfect for Cleopatra.

Have you called us crazy yet? Well, hear us out:

It's not just the Material Girl's glitzy gridiron turn as the Queen of the Nile that has us so convinced she could potentially be the perfect fit—though watching her Vogue with that ornate headpiece on was the most commanding part of the performance, in our opinions (M.I.A.'s finger be damned).

But just consider one of her best acting turns to date: Eva Perón in Evita. We actually believed her power in a role as the wifey of a dictator (and totally weren't turned off by her acting skills either).

But if you hate our idea (which we're sure you will), what about one of these other ladies:

Rooney Mara, Angelina Jolie, Madonna,Megan Fox, Elizabeth Taylor

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Angelina Jolie, an obvious fan fave. We know we've made it no secret that we weren't exactly fans of Ms. Jolie taking over the very famous footsteps of Elizabeth Taylor in the role, but we'll fess: We're warming up to it. She's got the sexiness and the fear-inducing social status all right.

Or a member of the younger crowd: like Angie's 20-something doppelgänger, Megan Fox. Meg has the sex appeal that we're sure will be infused into the tawdry big-screen take. And since Foxy has said she's not involved in the Elizabeth Taylor biopic, here's the next perfect fit for her. Duh!

Finally, maybe Rooney Mara is more your speed? With her hair all chopped off and died black, she kind of looks like the typical Cleopatra you'd see in the cinema. And she's clearly got chops to pull off any demanding role—just look at everything she went through to land her Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Oscar nom.

But now it's your turn to weigh in: Who's your perfect pick to play Cleopatra? Is casting Madonna totally crazy or just crazy enough that it would work? Get to clicking and sound off below!

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Which actress has the looks and chops to play Cleopatra?
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