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Ask and ye shall be spoiled!

Many of you readers have been telling us you want the Spoiler Chat (our roundup of exclusive TV spoilers and scoop) more frequently than once a week. So this week, we're going to try something new: Daily Spoiler Chats. Are you all tingly everywhere? If so, you really should get that checked out.

It's all the same scoop you've come to know, just, you know, more. Read on for exclusive answers to your big, burning questions about Glee, Grey's Anatomy, Revenge, The Vampire Diaries, How I Met Your Mother and more!

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LillianaLee: Glee me up! Please tell me that Blaine and Kurt are not breaking up!
In my "instant scoop" post on this week's Ricky Martin episode, I mentioned that there is a teeny-tiny moment (with Rachel) where you see Kurt is not ready yet to marry Blaine (Darren Criss). I do think that little moment is a small seed to let us know that it is entirely possible that Kurt (Chris Colfer) may be shipped off to NYADA this fall, and Blaine, as you know, is not graduating. Can those crazy kids keep it together? Time will tell, but for now, a solid source tells me: "Blaine and Kurt are still very much a couple and there aren't any plans right now to break them up." Phew! Let's toast to that with a rock-salt-less slushie, shall we? And light a candle for season four?

Phoebe: Anything new on Glee?
Not only will we see the hunky Matt Bomer play Blaine's brother Cooper, but we also get a flashback to their childhood! Sources tell us they are casting the roles now. Who doesn't want to see a young Darren Criss and a young Bomer? If you raised your hand, then reevaluate your life decisions.

Sandra Oh, Kevin McKidd, Grey's Anatomy

Eric McCandless/ABC

@ELENA_AGA: Something about Grey's Anatomy! Is there any Merder or Calzona?
I can tell you that both couples are going strong! Unlike, sadly, Cristina and Owen in the coming weeks (sorry). Callie and Arizona are particularly adorable and rock-solid in coming episodes.

@kchadha19: Can you please give us some spoilers on the upcoming Greys Anatomy / Private Practice crossover episode? Thanks!
The life of someone we know will be hanging in the balance, and it's all gonna come down to the two Shepards (Derek and his sis!) to save her. Oh, and the final outcome will be determined in less than one second. No big whoop.

EnterpriseJim: Got Grimm? Once Upon a Time?
You'll get both and you will like it. We just chatted up Amy Acker, who reunited with her Angel EP for her role as Grimm's monster of the week this Friday. "I love him to death so I was so excited to get the phone call," the sweet-as-Fred actress told us today about David Greenwalt. "When I read the script and saw I got to play such a fun, crazy, different character, it was just an added bonus." Acker's also coming up on Once Upon a Time, in which she's playing "the complete opposite" of her Grimm character: Grumpy's girlfriend! "I'm hitting all the fairy tales," she joked. Wow. Grumpy is seriously batting out of his league. Way to go, little man.

Jackie: Modern Family never gets any Spoiler Chat love! Got anything good to make up for it?
Sources tell us that right now they are casting Cam's (Eric Stonestreet) mucho masculine dad!  Names being tossed around? Burt Reynolds, Tom Selleck, to name a few. We. Can't. Wait. Who's your dream Camdaddy?

@soccertrs007: Anything on Ted on How I Met Your Mother?
We know that next week's episode "The Drunk Tank" will feature the debut of the infamous Quinn but it will also be the start of some serious soul-searching for Ted (Josh Radnor). Creator Craig Thomas reveals, "The end of that episode is where Ted thinks he has realized something huge about what he has been doing wrong and what he should be doing in terms of his future romantic life. The ending of that episode is like a bit of a cliffhanger with Ted…we have this huge Ted romantic turn of events." The mind reels, no?

@ParisLoverGirl: Heya from Paris !!! :D Can give us some Vampires Diaries spoilers ?
Oui can do that. (And will refrain from further bad puns.) We are hearing there may be a kiss at the ball. Guesses on who?! After what Candice Accola and Joseph Morgan told us about Klaus and Caroline's slow burn, we aren't holding out any hope it's them. Also, there's a moment that will make you Damon and Elena fans audibly squeal.

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Laura in Knoxville, Tenn.: Revenge! Please tell me that Daniel's not the one dead on the beach!
OK, people, so we've heard some things that have us sick with worry that the big death will be Josh Bowman (sob!), aka Daniel. We ran into Josh over Super Bowl weekend and begged him to put our fears to bed, but...he could not. "I think viewers will be very pleased with how its shot," he tells us. "It's going to be good. We're all one big happy family, so it'll be sad [to lose someone]." So if it is him, would he want to come back as a ghost? "Oh, f--k yeah!" Better yet? Don't die!

Kristin: When will the next Spoiler Chat post?
Wow, Kristin, exxcellent question! We plan to post a Spoiler Chat every morning this week, so be sure to check back. These daily installments will be shorter than our previous Monday manifestos, but more timely and more responsive. So be sure to send in your questions via Twitter to @kristindsantos or via email to tvdiva@eonline.com right now, then check back tomorrow!

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