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Yep, it's official: Prince Louis (Hugo Becker) is the worst, y'all!

Gossip Girl picked up right where it left off in the series' epic 100th episode, with Blair (Leighton Meester) running out of her wedding with Dan (Penn Badgley). While this pleased some fans, others were less than thrilled, like Chuck (Ed Westwick), Serena (Blake Lively), Louis and his mother.

So where did "Dair" go? And what happened when Chuck and Serena caught up with them? Did Blair leave Louis? Plus, who sent the Gossip Girl blast during the wedding? Here's what we can tell you...

Dan and Blair: The episode begins with everyone wondering where Blair is, not knowing she ran off with Dan. Their destination? The (D)airport (sorry, couldn't resist!), so Blair can book it to the Dominican Republic to pull an Elizabeth Taylor aka end her marriage without Louis' consent. Unfortunately, they are derailed by curious bystanders and Louis holding a press conference to announce Blair is missing and possibly crazy, so they leave in search of a hotel to hide out in.

While there, Dan finally calls Blair out for treating him like crap despite everything he's done for her that night and the past few months. "All I've ever tried to do is be your friend, but friends don't treat each other the way you treat me," Dan tells Blair and the two bicker like an old married couple. Oddly adorable, no?

Later, Blair finds Dan and apologizes...and brings up the infamous vows he wrote! "I could have never have survived this last month without you," Blair says. "I also know you wrote those vows." Dan brushes it off, not revealing he's in love with her and Blair tells him, "I care about you, too, even if I have odd ways of showing it, like bossing you around or making fun of your hair." Then came the exchange that had Dan and Blair fans giggling with delight: "I just need to know that you'll be there for me," Blair says, to which Dan replies, "Always." And then they hug. Le sigh. Slow burn, indeed. 

Michelle Trachtenberg, Penn Badgley, Gossip Girl


Chuck and Blair: Chuck spends almost the entire episode with Serena searching for Blair. They finally get a lead after they find Dorota who spills where Blair is and that she plans to run off to get a divorce. Chuck and Serena find Dan and Blair at the hotel and Louis' mother interrupts them to say Blair is in violation of her pre-nup. Oh, and if she refuses to return to Louis, her family must pay a hefty dowry. Basically, Eleanor would be forced to sell her company if Blair opts out of her marriage. Chuck offers to pay the dowry but Blair declines. "I made a promise and I need to keep it," Blair says. "I need you to let me handle this on my own." When, and if, they get back together, Blair wants it to be as equals. Will these two ever find their way back together? We guess we'll have to check back in a year, when Blair's "contract" is up. For now, she's heading off on her honeymoon with Louis. Le sigh part deux!

Dan and Serena: When Serena calls Dan to find out if he knows where Blair is, he lies and says she left with Louis. Too bad Louis sends a nasty text message to B's phone, which Serena obviously has. Serena confronts Dan about lying and he says he was only doing it to protect Blair. Serena is both hurt that Blair didn't come to her and that Dan lied to her. In the process, she realizes that Dan does not return her feelings.

Remember that little video of Blair telling Chuck she loves him that caused Louis to go from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde? Yeah, Serena takes the blame for sending it, saying she was trying to find a way for Blair and Chuck to be together. But it turns out she didn't send it...and neither did Chuck. Ruh-roh! Could Dan have sent the video? We'll get to that in a second...

Georgina Girl: So yes, it was revealed that Georgina has not been Gossip Girl this entire time, but stepped in after G.G. abandoned her post. According to Georgina, the world needs Gossip Girl and she's holding the identity of the person who sent the blast at the wedding close to the chest, waiting to use it at the right moment. 


Gossip Girl Revealed...For Real?: Now that we know Georgina isn't really the person behind the most feared blog on the UES, that leaves us with one question: will we ever learn who is behind G.G.? "We're getting to the place now where we can actually kind of have that discussion," executive producer Stephanie Savage tells us, in light of the reveal that Georgina isn't actually Gossip Girl. "For the longest period, it was something that we knew we couldn't reveal and it'd be hard to keep making the show after that moment, after that reveal, but as we're kind of heading into what is likely to be our last season next season, those kind of questions become very tantalizing."

The Culprit Is...: Not so fast, people! Just because Gossip Girl insinuated Dan sent the blast during Blair's wedding, doesn't mean he actually did. Executive producer Josh Safran says that storyline will play out over several episodes, so there's still plenty o' drama to come. Who do you think sent it?

No Relapse For Chuck: Just because Chuck has lost Blair yet again, don't expect him to return to his Basstard ways. "We do believe that Chuck has learned, and will continue to learn, but that evolution is real. It's not so easily lost or so easily gained," Safran explains. "Although he will continue to be tested, I think he definitely approaches these tests now from a place of,  'I really don't want to slide back,' as opposed to, 'Oh, it's so easy to slide back.'"

Serena vs. Blair: "Obviously, it's going to rankle Serena when she discovers what's happening between Blair and Dan," Safran says. "These characters are growing up. You don't necessarily go to Def-Con 4 when you find these things out. You try to deal with them in maybe a more rational direct honest manner, but that doesn't mean that you still can't go to Def-Con 4 after that." Sounds like it's on like Donkey Kong!

So what did you think, Gossip Girl fans? Are you bummed Blair decided to stick it out with Louis? Who do you think sent the blast? Sound off in the comments!

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