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Dear Ted:
My little rescue Mr. Puss says hi, and has a question: What do you think of this Zac Efron and Lily Collins date? Is it real or just to stop the Demi Moore and Rumer Willis stories? We have a fish bet riding on this one.

Dear Daddy's Little Girl:
Of course a little distance from Rumer and Demi is probably a good thing for Zac right now, and Lily's the fairest of them all image is the perfect way to ward off any bad-boy rumors. And while Mr. Efron appears to be a very in-demand dude, it's still too soon to say whether these two are serious. But, I will dish that I highly doubt the pair will last—wonder if Lil's dad, Phil Collins, would approve?

Dear Ted:
Do you think the Emma Watson vs. Kristen Stewart "feud" between fans will ever die down? I feel like Kristen is being treated unfairly! Emma Watson isn't all that, but she's treated like an angel. She hasn't proven herself as an actress like Kristen has (when she's not in that god-awful franchise otherwise known as Twilight). Her acting is not Rooney Mara and Jennifer Lawrence Oscar material. But Kristen is definitely closer. What do you think?

Dear Girl Fight:
The feud's far from ending doll, considering we've still got months ‘til the release of Breaking Dawn: Part 2. That being said, I've never understood the comparisons between the two babes. Kristen and Emma are completely different, both on and off screen, and I firmly believe both chicks can act. As for Oscar material? Em and Kris need some Oscar-worthy scripts to fully prove their acting chops. Here's hoping!

Dear Ted:
Ever since Sean Maher came out, I have been waiting for adorable family photos à la Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka, but I haven't seen a thing. What the deal? Is Sean's man just shy (which I can totally respect if it's the case)?

Dear Don't Kiss and Tell:
Sean is obviously a pretty private guy—not only did he work in Hollywood for years before making the decision to come out, but he also took time off to be a stay-at-home dad and privately raise his kids. Sorry, babe, but you shouldn't hold your breath waiting for those family pics, he's a private dude and is perfectly happy staying that way.

Dear Ted:
After seeing Ricky Martin's Glee performance, I insist he should be the Sexiest Man Alive! He certainly is, and I don't see why a gay man can't be People's Sexiest Man Alive, don't you agree?

Dear Don't Be Loca:
Of course we think a gay man totally could and should be the Sexiest Man Alive! Although Ricky's heyday may have passed, if his Glee performance told us anything it is that he's sexy and he knows it, and we can't really disagree…

Dear Ted:
No one stands up and yells, "I want to be a role model." However, given that Kristen Stewart plays a character that so many young girls seem to relate to (groan), you would think she would be somewhat intelligent to realize this and act a bit more maturely. She doesn't have to become some vapid celebutante, but she's 21—grow up already and embrace the spotlight! She keeps saying she doesn't owe us anything (us being the people who have helped put her where she is)—she should hope we really don't start listening to her and reciprocate in kind. Giving the finger and making nasty comments to photographers does not make you fierce —it makes you low-class. Bet you won't print this…

Dear Pay Up:
Harsh words for Kristen, A. But, you at least have to give the girl some credit—she is only 21 years old and she is totally unafraid to be herself. Like you said, she is a role model, she doesn't have a role model. And since when did being who are you become the wrong message to send to young girls? Hate to say it, babe, but it also looks like you lost a bet; perhaps you can make it even by giving K.Stew another chance, no?

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