Cory Monteith

Greg Tidwell,

There may be a few people who'd like to collar the cast of Glee for noise pollution, we just never thought the police department would be one of them.

That's, well, nearly what happened last night, when cops broke up a party thrown by Cory Monteith (and attended by many of his costars) after neighbors complained that their music was just too annoying loud.

Hollywood Community Police confirmed to E! News that they responded to a noise complaint at Monteith's shared Hollywood Hills home at 4:30 a.m. this morning.

Reports vary, but the Glee star was either hosting a housewarming bash or throwing a birthday party for one of his friends. Either way, it got a little too raucous in the early morning hours, culminating in the arrival of the cops.

Both the actor and his roommate spoke to police when they turned up on the property and agreed to shut off the offending music—come on, how much do you want it to be "Don't Stop Believing" that they were blasting—and end the party.

However, it wasn't quite no harm done, as in the end, Monteith's roommate—though not the star himself—received a citation for the loud music.

Now that's something to sing about.

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