Will Ferrell, Everything Must Go

John Estes Photography/Roadside Attractions

Now this is what we call bang for your buck.

While most Super Bowl spots relied on dumping cars out of planes, slingshot babies and dogs on treadmills to capture the nation's million-dollar attention, Will Ferrell took another tact.

He once again partnered up with Old Milwaukee and appeared in an utterly scaled-down 30-second spot for the beer company. Missed it? Well, then you must not live in the only market in which the ad aired: North Platte, Neb.

That's right, in the battle for which spot would curry the nation's favor, Ferrell & Co. decided to keep it local.

And without any special effects whatsoever. So what did it have?

Will Ferrell striding through a breezy Nebraskan field, that's what. That, and one hell of an ending.

Hey, at least they know how to finish strong.

But how does it compare to Will's newly released fake beer ad? Check out the newest clip from Casa de Mi Padre and judge for yourself.

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