Jessica Biel

isla / Splash News

It was kind of annoying disheartening to see Jessica Biel with a naked ring finger at W magazine's Best Performances Issue party and at the Golden Globes, and she probably got that vibe, because today, she has a ring.

But we don't think it's the special one from Justin Timberlake that we've been waiting to see...

At least, we hope not.

A golden snake-looking wraparound ring doesn't exactly seem like the type (maybe if it was Angelina Jolie, then we'd believe it) of engagement ring J.T. would give his lady. And we're right.

Turns out, Biel was wearing this interesting piece of jewelry on the set of her new thriller, Emmanuel and the Truth About Fishes, costarring Alfred Molina. That makes much more sense!

Guess we'll just have to admire the new bangs until she struts something else that's new and exciting to look at.

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