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Tonight's all-new episode of Nikita is one of the most action-packed, full-throttle, can't-miss episodes of the season. So we made sure to chat with Division's badass boss Melinda Clarke about Percy's (Xander Berkeley) escape, her secret cell phone and a future love interest!

Plus: For those fans who are still watching reruns of The O.C. (you know who you are) Clarke also talked about a mini-reunion with Rachel Bilson …on Hart of Dixie!

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After last week's slower-paced plot, you can bet that Nikita & Co. are amping up for what is sure to be a nail-biting episode. Clarke tells us: "Obviously Percy is getting out, and it's an exciting episode. It's a new era for Nikita because Percy is not in Division. His psychotic ego is taking him other places...I have no doubt that he will somehow try and get back in and that the fate of Division is definitely up in the air, but we're going to learn more about Division in the past and how it originated."

In order to help take down Percy, Clarke explained that enemies will have to become allies. "Nikita (Maggie Q) and the team in some ways are forced to make the decision to help Amanda and Division because of Percy's actions. So because they are doing the right thing, they will ultimately be helping Amanda."

Looking forward to next week's episode, the audience will finally get some long-awaited answers as to who Amanda has been mysteriously chatting with in her office. "We call it Amanda's super-secret phone and she's talking to a super-secret person. That will be an exciting storyline coming up because I think it will be somebody that the audience will be surprised about. She has her own master plan going on."

So how about a love interest coming up? "Hmmm, maybe! There might be a storyline coming up. She has definitely been doing some stuff in the background that nobody is aware of." We've got a sneaky suspicion that this "familiar" person on the phone might also be a booty call.


Michael Tackett/The CW

Oh and for anyone hoping for for a mini O.C. reunion on Rachel Bilson's Hart of Dixie (same network, same old O.C. bosses), Melinda is totally game.  "I would absolutely do that. I think it's always fun for the fans and I think we've got so many dedicated O.C. fans and I adored Julie Cooper and that would be a wonderful opportunity. It would be fun to see what they'd come up with...I guess you could go for a southern Julie Cooper type, that would be funny," Clarke tells us with a laugh. "An over the top southern belle." 

Just imagining Julie Cooper teaming up with Lemon Breeland (Jamie King) makes us thrilled and terrified at the same time. Josh Schwartz, let's make it happen.

Check out tonight's all-new Nikita on The CW at 8 p.m.

Who's the mystery man on the phone? How do you feel about Julie Cooper showing up in Bluebell?! Kindly share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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