Soulja Boy

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Last night, Twitter didn't just try and kill Soulja Boy. It also tried to ruin any vestige of self-esteem the rapper might have.

In a matter of hours, #RIPSouljaBoy became a trending topic on the site, and speculation began growing that the 21-year-old "Tell 'Em" artist had met his maker.

The good news: Soulja Boy is alive and well. The bad news: that seems to have come as a disappointment to a hefty portion of the social media crowd.

Though the artist born DeAndre Cortez Way has yet to set the record straight himself on Twitter, that might be for the best—after all, his 140-character eulogies don't exactly paint a picture of a fandom in mourning.

"That awkward moment when 'RIP Soulja Boy' is trending & everyone is surprised he was still alive' #RIPSoulja," read one tweet.

"#RIPSouljaBoy the rapper isn't dead, but is music career is," read another.

Variations on the theme of "#RIPSouljaBoy He died from listening to his own music," also proved pretty popular.

Other not exactly in-mourning missives included "#RIPSOULJABOY thanx for…….uhhhh…??????...o_O" and the coldly concise, "I can only wish #ripsouljaboy."

Granted, the rapper did have some defenders, though their devotion was slightly wanting.

"#RIPSouljaBoy…That's sad & immature, I know NO ONE likes him as a rapper, but he's still a person."

"I actually thought he was dead," read another. "#RIPSOULJABOY Now that I know that he is not, this trend is kinda funny."

Of course, some defenders did come out of the woodwork.

"When y'all have a quarter of Soulja Boy's money, get back to me. In the mean time, him & his fans will just laugh at #RIPSouljaBoy," read one.

And another took it upon themselves to speak on behalf of artists and fans everywhere:

"Dear Everyone on twitter: None of the Artists you think died actually did. Please stop trending RIP Adele, #RIPSouljaBoy, etc. You are idiots."

Who knew the voice of reason was so sassy?

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