The Project Runway all-stars can turn up the volume, but could they turn up the charm?

The remaining designers had to literally sweet-talk people out of their clothes for tonight's challenge, which tasked them with choosing a muse right off the streets of New York City and creating a finished look that was at least 50 percent composed of whatever clothing they were able to get off the street, too.

Budgets were tight, and so were the briefs that donator Diego was left with after Anthony Ryan was done with him...

Somehow, everyone from the stoked-to-mix-it-up Anthony to the usually very reserved Mila Hermanovski had a muse in one form or another.

Mondo Guerra was bowled over by hipster cutie Grace, who gave him her dress and coat for $60. Austin Scarlett, too, was thrilled by his punky-goth inspiration. And Michael Costello was psyched about the crocheted top he picked up at first, but then was left wondering if his fashion-forward look would end up being doily-chic instead.

But it was the judges who got to make the final cut, this week with the help of NHL player and one-time Vogue intern Sean Avery.

It was Mondo who got his first win of the season after the judges unanimously fell in love with his impeccably detailed shorts, top and jacket.

"I would die for this outfit," host Angela Lindvall gushed. "Grace would be so proud."

Austin came in second with his edgy skirt and jacket, which Isaac Mizrahi thought was bordering on "too much" but yet was also "fabulous" and "divine."

And though he got a hot guy all the way down to his skivvies, Anthony was out after he made a lovable jumpsuit—but used less than the required amount of muse material.

Michael, a winner for two straight weeks but the creator of a disastrous pair of hot-pants and a bustier, burst into tears when he found out he was staying.

"Honey, I'm smiling, so you shouldn't—don't, no," Anthony consoled the still-in designer. "And I have cute shoes."

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