Demi Lovato, Tyler Shields

Got a sudden craving for candy?

This provocative yet alluring shot of Demi Lovato is one of many from her recent photo shoot with photographer Tyler Shields, who talked to E! News about his session with the "Skyscraper" singer that will be featured at his Beyond the Gates show at Imitate Modern in London starting Feb. 24.

So how did this come about? Credit some dedicated fans—and Twitter.

"We actually met via Twitter," Shields tells us. "A bunch of people were tweeting her for me to shoot her, and a bunch of people were twittering and e-mailing me asking me to shoot her, and we ended up tweeting each other. We met that way, we set it up and boom: She came over and it's time to shoot."

When he says a bunch, he means hundreds. Lovato's loyal fan base is a huge reason why this shoot even happened.

"They would not stop e-mailing and twittering me. Finally, I was like, ‘OK. I need to get a hold of her; I'm tired of this s--t. I'll shoot her, and they can cool off.' It was getting to where I was getting over 700 emails a day saying, ‘Shoot Demi!' "

But once it was time to get to business, Shields had a concept ready in mind.

"I think people have a very specific vision of her. No one has seen her doing anything remotely sexy. But she's a grown woman now, and she wants to be sexy and feel sexy, and she wants to have these pictures forever. Little kids eat lollipops. She's not a kid anymore, but people view her that way. It's like, ‘So if you're going to view me as a kid, then here ya go.' "

Demi Moore, Tyler Shields

One particularly captivating shot includes Demi shattering a vase against a wall beside her, which, like most artsy things, signified a lot more than just destroying a piece of glass.

"When I started shooting her, she was good. She gets it; she can handle a litlte bit of chaos. So I wanted her to kind of destroy something, and she picked that vase up. I said, ‘You got one go at this, make it count,'—and we both ended up being covered in glass from it.

"She's calm in the picture…it's her. It's not an angry face she's making. She's a human being, she's a person and people have comments about her life without knowing anything about her. Any of these people I have shot who have been doing this thing their whole lives have pretty crazy, hard stories. And then they are magnified."

As for who might be the next model in front of Shields' lens...

"Lana Del Rey. Her fans won't stop asking me to shoot her. And funny enough, people won't stop asking me to shoot Nicolas Cage. I'd love to, but he's not very twitterable."

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