William Shatner

Will the Priceline Negotiator go the way of Captain Kirk in Star Trek: Generations?

If you ask William Shatner, maybe not.

In a new video posted today on Youtube, the 80-year-old actor teases about the fate of his iconic pitchman, who was unceremoniously killed off two weeks ago in a new commercial.

So what's his take?

Clearly milking his "death" for all its worth, the behind-the-scenes clip finds the Star Trek star questioning whether the character really died in the original spot, which saw him save some passenger's lives—and some money—before appearing to die in a fiery bus crash.

"There's something highly suspicious here of them killing me off. A lot of drama. All these iconic characters are getting killed off one by one. Soon I'll die, and that'll be the end of it," Shatner adds.

But based on a conversation the thesp has with a crew member on the set, something tells us we'll be seeing the Negotiator negotiating his way back into America's living rooms very soon (like maybe this Sunday's Super Bowl?).

"I don't die. I come back to life," exclaims Shatner who, by the way, is paid in company stock for his promomotional appearances. "I talked to the writer and he said he had an idea. The idea, of course, is that I come back to life!"

Can't wait to see how he negotiates his way out of that.

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