Sarah Palin, Julianne Moore

Mark Lyons/Getty Images; HBO

Holy pit bull in lipstick! The just-released trailer for HBO's Game Change is flippin' amazing.

All eyes are on Sarah Palin—uh, we mean Julianne Moore playing Sarah Palin—as we see the veep wannabe's most infamous lines and get herself in a tizzy about the campaign behind-the-scenes.

So is this fairly harsh take on Ms. Palin fact or made-for-TV fiction? And what do Palin insiders think of all this HBO hoopla?

While we've reached out to Team Palin for their official reactions and have yet to hear back, a source formerly close to Sarah Palin fills us in on the flick:

"First of all, brilliant f--king casting for the men," our Washington know-all gushed to us about Ed Harris (as presidential hopeful John McCain) and Woody Harrelson (as campaign strategist Steve Schmidt).

But what about Moore taking on the pantsuits and spectacles of Sarah?

"Julianne Moore's accent is terrible," our Palin source gripes. "She sounds more like her old 30 Rock character, Nancy Donovan, than she does Palin."

We agree.

She may look the part (we admit we had to do a double take or two), but we didn't hear one single "you betcha!" The inner-Alaskan did come out a bit as Julianne's S.P. whines about not wanting to return to Wasilla—Team Truth's fave part of the preview.

Maybe they should have just had Tina Fey dub over Julianne's lines with her now-infamous Palin impression?!

But accents aside, our source says the movie looks very legit:

"The book it's based on is rock solid. [Authors] John Halperin and Mark Heilmann have great sources and are top-rate journalists," we're told. "From all accounts, this movie is as close to the truth as any of us are ever gonna get."

It's a good thing though that Sarah has put her political career on hold (she resigned her post in Alaska and never entered the GOP race for president), because our source says this movie would have been a killer:

"Sarah Palin is a political reality star," we're told. "Manufactured, programmed, and met her fate in over-exposure."

Well, to be fair, she actually was a reality star too. Anyone remember Sarah Palin's Alaska? This movie looks much better!

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