Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone

Jackson Lee/Splash News

Dear Ted:
You never answer my questions, so I'm really hoping you answer this: Why do Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield stage very public displays of affection but never walk the red carpet together? What is really going on there? Vicey stuff?

Dear Feeling Fickle:
Heck if I know, doll, I already told you how ticked off I was that Em has been hiding her lovey-dovey man during all these award season events. But maybe they're just saving their red carpet debut for the Spiderman premiere? That way they can fend off questions about their romance by talking about the movie. At least until then, we can drool over their PDA together, eh? Bottom line: This thing ain't fake, not sure where you're going with that one.

Dear Ted:
You are to be complimented for bringing us those pics from Paris of Kristen Stewart. Really interesting. So do you believe that doing photo shoots for magazines like Vanity Fair can help Kristen get a better variety of film projects?

Dear Fairing Better:
Uh, didn't know she was having problems with that issue? But I do say, thank you kindly for your sweet words. As to the K.Stew biz, she's been doing high-fashion shoots for a while now (this isn't the first time she's been on Vanity Fair, babe) and is already scoring big movie deals that showcase different types of acting. Snow White and the Huntsman and Welcome to the Rileys aren't exactly similar.

Dear Ted:
Love you lots! I just saw the video of Kristen Bell on Ellen and her reaction to the sloth was just priceless. My question is: Does she have a Vice or any Vicey behavior? I love her and think she seems to be a great person.

Dear Slow and Steady:
That vid was too. Friggin. Cute. So I'm happy to inform you that what you see is what you get with K.Bell. She's Vice-free. Can't say the same for her fiancé, though. Not. At. All.

Dear Ted:
What's up with Darla Jones these days? Has she moved on from Tobey Yum-Yum's antics now?

Dear Keeping up with the Jones:
And then some, C! Darla is way over Tobey…and under someone else.

Dear Ted:
My two fat Corgis say hello and were wondering if there is anything to the rumor that Rachel Zoe was one of the women talking on Demi Moore's 911 call? I agree that one of the women talking sounded exactly like her.

Dear Trouble in Twos:
That was a rumor that floated around when Demi first hit the hospital, but I can tell you it's totally false. Rachel was out at a Tinseltown soiree that night and her reps say she wasn't with pal Demi when the call was placed.

Dear Ted:
Complete this sentence, in your humble opinion: J.Lo and Marc Anthony reconciling is about as likely as…

Dear Good Q:
Me and Gwyneth Paltrow partaking in a lusty romp while swapping Goop recipes.

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