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"You think I have an astute view of politics?" Alec Baldwin asked us backstage after we told the SAG Award winner for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Comedy series exactly that. "That's the funniest thing I've ever heard!"

Well, it's not that funny. The 30 Rock star was at one point considering running for mayor of NYC, after all. Which is why we wanted to know his—yes, astute—opinion on the current state of presidential politics:

Especially Mitt Romney and his recent attacks on gay marriage—ya know, the same issue that George Clooney flat out said the presidential hopeful was "wrong" about.

"It's about them being nervous," Alec weighed in. "They know without issues like that they will most likely lose. They say these things because they know they need to say them."

So we think it's safe to say the liberal Democrat is as big a fan of the current GOP candidates—he's not exactly rooting for Ron Paul, either—as he is of, say, American Airlines anti-Words With Friends policies.

Mr. Baldwin continued, "I think it also shows they know they're in for a very tough time."

But it's not Mitt's behind-the-times stance on gay marriage that has Jack Donaghy himself totally perplexed. It's Newt Gingrich—and we're not talkin' about all the open-marriage stuff.

"What I actually find more interesting is how all Gingrich does is spit all over Romney," Alec told us.

Sort of the same way Alec once spat at American Airlines?

Oh, yeah! And, just in case you didn't hear, Baldwin made it quite clear he's a Virgin Atlantic dude now.

So the saliva fest will now be left to Mitt and Newt, it appears.

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