Joe Manganiello, Matt Bomer, White Collar

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If we tell you that videos of Joe Manganiello and Matt Bomer are in this article, do we really have to write anything else? Have you already scrolled down to watch the two gorgeous men talk about White Collar and being best friends? Is anyone still reading this?

Oh, who are we kidding? Joe and Matt are both very attractive and we have them on camera, which means no one has read past the first sentence. Commence the hotness overload…

Besides just being really, really ridiculously good-looking, Matt and Joe are both alums of Carnegie Mellon University. And though they did enjoy school projects (and Thansgiving dinners!) together, tonight's episode of White Collar is the first time they've worked together in a professional capacity.

"I play Ben Ryan, a recently paroled convict who is flirting with his old ways," Joe says. "Fans of True Blood know that I spent half of season three in a jumpsuit. It got to the point where Anna Paquin and Rutina (Wesley) came up with a dance routine called 'Joe and His Giant Jumpsuit,' which included a hard hat. I do spend quite a bit of time in [tonight's] episode in a jumpsuit, so fans of the show will definitely be thrilled to know that I am back in the jumpsuit. And I'm sure Anna and Rutina will not let me hear the end of it when I get back to True Blood."

All that we ask is that Anna and Rutina film their dance routine and put it on the Internet. You know what else we ask for? This:

"I'm Team Alcide all the way but if I'm going to do a guest spot on True Blood, I wanna play a vampire," Matt says. Joe is on board with the idea, mostly because of Matt's style. "I think Matt would make a great vampire," he agrees. "He's got the suit thing going on. He's got that sophisticated elegant thing going on."

Alan Ball, make this happen. We're going to have Matt on Glee, but we really, really need to see Bomer's handsome mug on True Blood. Maybe shirtless. Just throwing that out there.

Watch the complete interviews with Matt and Joe below, and then start preparing for an explosion of hotness on tonight's White Collar on USA. (E! and USA are both part of the NBCU family.)

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