Don't the roses smell especially sweet scandalous today?

There are 11 women left on The Bachelor and everyone has jetted to the beautiful Vieques Island in Puerto Rico, where all the ladies will have a date (yippee!).

Of course, Courtney (who is still holding animosity toward Emily) bet that she would receive one of the one-on-one dates with Ben Flajnik.

So did she?

Nope! Sorry, friend.

Nicki managed to grab the first solo date, which included snow cones and a helicopter ride to Old San Juan. And you wouldn't guess what happened…

It started pouring down rain! But Nicki, the hopeful romantic who has been married once before, reassured us, "Nothing can rain on this parade," (except the actual rain). Anyway, it worked out to their advantage. Although it ruined Ben's original date plans to walk around the city, they ended up going shopping for authentic (and dry!) Puerto Rican outfits instead!

Once they got their "Latin swagger" on with their new threads, the duo ended up near a church where a wedding was taking place (that's couldn't have been planned). Once the sun went down, they enjoyed each other's company over some wine, and Nicki opened up about her divorce, saying she "loved being in love" but that she had lost trust early on and decided to end it.

With such an honest and in-depth conversation, how could Ben not offer Nicki a rose? Exactly. He did, and she took it, and then they made out.

Back at the house, Blakeley and Elyse were arguing about who deserved a one-on-one date more, and it turned out that at that moment, the date card arrived. What perfect timing!

Since everyone was going to go on a date that week, the only person left out of the group date would be the next solo date. And it turned out to be…Elyse!

The date card for the group outing said, "Diamonds are a girl's best friend." While some of the women thought that they may be picking out some sparkly jewelry (ha!), the date actually turned out to be a good ole game of baseball!

Some of the girls tried to strut their athletic skills and everyone was having a great time on the field, until Chris Harrison showed up and dropped a bombshell.

The group of ladies had to split up into two teams and play a game against each other.  The winners would join Ben for a romantic beach party that evening. The losers would have their own sobfest back at the hotel.

Another turn of events: Ben got to choose one lady who would play for both teams and automatically get invited to the festivities on the beach. Congrats, Lindzi!

After the planned two innings, both the red and blue teams had six runs, which led them to a tie-breaking extra inning. And another. And another. These ladies were so fierce and competitive that they kept tying up the game! Finally, at the end of the fifth inning, the blue team was down by one run and lost their chance at glory by being struck out.

That meant Kacie B., Courtney, Casey S. and Jamie got to have more precious time with Ben on the beach sipping cocktails. How awesome, right?!

Well, Courtney was annoyed by another group date and quickly started naming off the girls and how they're not right for Ben. Except for Kacie B., who she felt was her only competitor. And she's probably right, because Kacie got the rose.

So what happened next? Yup, you guessed it. Courtney turned up her manipulative ways so she can feel like she's back on top of the game.

She stole Ben from the other girls and went over by the ocean, telling him that she wished they could just go skinny-dipping. Did they? Mmm…no. Not yet.

It was time for Elyse's one-on-one on a mega yacht. The two enjoyed the ocean breeze and Elyse shared how she sacrificed her job and being a part of her best friend's wedding to be on the show, then said, "Let's just screw everyone else. Let's get married here and make a wonderful life together." Brave!

After taking a plunge into the ocean, the two of them met up for an elegant dinner on the beach. Ben started questioning Elyse on what she wants and, judging by his nonverbal responses, he was totally not into it.

"But unfortunately, I was hoping for some things today that I just didn't find," he said. We were right. Elyse didn't get the rose on her date, which meant she had to go back home immediately.

Creeper alert! Courtney waited for Ben by his hotel room in a white robe with two glasses and a wine bottle in her hands, and then, after some conversation in his room…it happened.

Panties, bra, boxers, all came off and there went Ben's and Courtney's naked bods into the ocean. How scandalous! Or how smart? We're not sure.

Everyone got together the next night to hang out before the rose ceremony and Emily kept bringing Courtney into the conversation with Ben, while Courtney kept giggling at the fact that she just got naked with Ben the night before.

And then came the shocker!

Jennifer, the girl he took out on a fabulous one-on-one date in Park City, Utah, and the girl he told was the best kisser out of everyone else, was left without a rose at the end of the night.


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