If Jerry Seinfeld thinks he's the master of the car domain, he's got a rival in Jay Leno.

The two comedians have joined forces for Acura's Super Bowl XLVI spot hyping the carmaker's new Acura NSX, but only one of them will get to take home the very first model rolling off the assembly line.

Who will it be? We've got the extended commercial here. Check it out!

Dubbed "Transactions," the ad made its debut online today and finds Seinfeld out to purchase the very first model only to find out he's number two on the waiting list.

So the funnyman sets about trying to persuade the guy in front of him to step aside and let him take the wheels by offering a series of random bribes: Everything from an extra helping from the Soup Nazi ("Soup for you!") and making small talk with the omelette guy for him, to buying the man a boat and giving him access to his very own Manhattan zipline.

Lucky for Jerry, the last bribe works and the man agrees to fork over his keys—until that is, Leno swoops in like Buzz Lightyear to steal the car out from under him.

Something tells us there might be a whole series of ads where this one came from.

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