Robert Pattinson, Cosmopolis

Caitlin Cronenber/ Alfama Films

Weren't the SAG Awards all kinds of super fun Sunday, what with my new sassy fave, Octavia Spencer, telling these stick-thin Holllywood women to eat? Less fun during the show was something else I heard and tweeted about: Somebody kinda dissed your fave and mine, Robert Pattinson

It was rumored to be one of Rob's Cosmopolis costars:

Paul Giamatti, the funny Sideways dude who won a SAG Award last night for his work in Too Big to Fail.

While doing some press recently for the upcoming David Cronenberg flick, Cosmopolis, at Sundance, Paul was reportedly asked, "How did you like working with Robert Pattinson, what was it like?"

If you know Paul's work, the dude's capable of killer deadpans, the kind where you don't quite know what the ef he means.

Well, I'm told that's just the kinda look he shot the reporter, right before saying, "Seriously? That's what you want to ask me?"

A rep for the Hangover II/John Adams actor responded, "I have no comment regarding that specific incident but what I will say is Paul loved working with Rob and had a great experience on that film."

Good to know!

Can't wait to see the damn thing, too, because then we'll finally maybe know what the mystery movie's all about? Doesn't really seem to be too much out there about it—and we're just dying to see Rob pull off another non-Twilight flick as well as he did Water for Elephants.

As to Paul, maybe we should give the poor dude a pass?

Must be hell trying to exist in the mega-wake that is R.Pattz power.

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