Ryan Gosling

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Hey girl, Ryan Gosling has heard your cries of injustice. And (swoon alert), he's not having any of it.

What with Russell Crowe stepping up to fight the good fight against the Academy, calling "bulls--t" on its failure to laud the Drive and Ides of March star with an Oscar nomination this year, Gosling's diehard fans have been left free to focus on the much more glaring oversight that's spurned their fair Gos of late: namely, his not being named People's Sexiest Man Alive.

Yes, that two-month-old injustice is still grabbing headlines. And don't expect it to stop anytime soon, especially now that the man himself has spoken out about the heinous snub. So, what does he have to say about getting passed over as man candy of the year?

Ladies, he's even gracious in defeat.

Though absent from yesterday's Screen Actors Guild Awards, Gosling was still at work, turning up at Thailand's Hua Hin International Film Festival, where The Hollywood Reporter caught up with him and pressed him with some hard-hitting journalistic questions.

Like what he thought of his sexy snub.

"I voted for Bradley [Cooper] and I'm glad he won," Gosling said. Too bad his fans haven't quite embraced that same generosity of spirit.

Well, what with that controversy out of the way, the trade mag took a cue from Crowe and got down to another important piece of business: Gosling's Oscar snub.

On that note, however, Gosling wisely opted not to bite the hand that feeds him.

When asked if he felt snubbed by the lack of a nomination, Ryan said, simply, "No."

Classy and gracious? The campaign for Ryan Gosling as Sexiest Man Alive 2012 starts now.

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