Ferris Bueller is all grown up—and driving a Honda CR-V apparently.

Appropriating everyone's favorite righteous dude, the Japanese carmaker today revealed online that it's behind the heavily hyped 10-second Super Bowl XLVI teaser that went viral last week featuring Matthew Broderick reprising his seminal role as the iconic 1980s school-ditching teen, now 25 years older and greyer.

As promised, E! News has the extended version of the commercial, which will air during the Big Game this Sunday and this time around finds Bueller Broderick skipping out of work.

So how is Matthew's Day Off?

While Ferris lacked wheels in high school—that is, when he wasn't borrowing that classic 1961 Ferrari 250GT belonging to BFF Cameron's dad— the spot finds his real-life alter ego taking the new Honda CR-V out for a spin while tributes abound to John Hughes' seminal 1986 comedy.

Those include: Ferris speaking directly to the camera; sly references to Ed Rooney's loony secretary, Grace; memorable lines like "Bueller…Bueller"; and scenes parodying Ferris' original day off—visiting a racetrack instead of Wrigley Field and lip-synching to a Chinese song during a Chinese New Year's celebration instead of the Beatles. And just when you think it's over, Bueller gets the last word in.

Heck, It's the next best thing to a sequel.

And that deserves a big "Oh Yeah"!

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