Ashlee Simpson, Vincent Piazza

John Shearer/WireImage

Ashlee Simpson's boyfriend, Vincent Piazza, certainly had nothing to be bummed about last night—he and his Boardwalk Empire costars picked up the SAG Award (again!) for Ensemble, Drama.

But it's what the lovebirds did in bed before the big show that has us a bit, well, perplexed.

"We laid in bed and watched a movie," Simpson told me on the red carpet.

No big deal, except they watched Melancholia! Directed by edgy filmmaker Lars Von Trier, the sc-fi drama centers on the strained relationship between two sisters as an unknown planet is on the verge of colliding with the earth.

"It's an apoplectic story of human depression," Piazza said. "It was a really intense morning."

"It certainly was heavy," Simpson said, adding with a laugh, "I was like, 'OK, maybe we should watch something happier?' "

Ya think?

They actually never finished the flick because Simpson's glam squad arrived. "She is just a beautiful woman," Piazza gushed. "We're so happy. We've having a great time with each other."

Unless they're watching Melancholia, that is.

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