Glee's Naya Rivera Reveals "Very Cute" Romance Ahead! But Wait, Is She Talking About the New Guy?

Exclusive! Find out what will go down in the Valentine's Day episode

By Kristin Dos Santos, Jenna Mullins Jan 30, 2012 1:25 PMTags
Naya RiveraJason Merritt/Getty Images

Attention Glee fans who love Brittany and Santana: Cancel your Valentine's Day plans now!

No, really. Your significant other will toooootally understand you can't take that private jet to Rome, because we just talked to Naya Rivera herself at last night's Screen Actors Guild Awards and she promises something you fans will want to stay in for.

So what about those rumors that Santana might hook up with the show's new resident bad boy Sebastian (Grant Gustin)? Well, thanks to Naya we can tell you that is 100 percent...


Phew! Can we all breathe a little easier now?

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A source close to the show says there are "absolutely no plans right now to hook up Santana and Sebastian," despite Naya and Grant making what someone called "musical eye babies" during their "Smooth Criminal" duet in this Tuesday's Michael Jackson tribute episode. And that "Brittany and Santana are going strong!"

When asked about Santana and Sebastian's interaction in "Criminal," Naya let out a big laugh: "The fans were like 'crazy off-the-charts chemistry!' [Editor's note: Who in the world would say that?!] Obviously, that song was very cat and mouse...It was so much fun. That was the first time I really got to work really closely with Grant, and he was awesome. And I thought he sounded great. And the cellists were amazing, and it was their version. So that was very cool!"

The current plan for Sebastana? Nothing that even warrants a moniker, sillies! They'll remain nemeses in dueling show-choir groups (as Grant told us, Sebastian has no plans of transferring to McKinley High), and fiercely matched ones at that.

Also in the cards? A very special Valentine's Day for Brittany and Santana. Yes, thanks to V Day falling on a Tuesday this year, we hear Glee producers are stepping things up and finally giving Brittany and Santana fans a bit more of what they've been asking for: Proof of a real romance. (Sure, that recent locker-room glance was adorable and all, but we've seen more PDA in a meat locker. At a monastery.)

Naya flashed a huge Cheshire grin while talking about Brittany and Santana in the Valentine's Day episode, promising that fans can expect some "very, very cute moments" between the two lovebirds. Huzzah!

Sidenote: Grey's Anatomy sources also tell me Callie (Sara Ramirez) and Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) have the best, most romantic storyline of any couple in the upcoming Valentine's episode, airing Feb. 9 on ABC. So it looks like this year, Valentine's Day may be quite the ladies night on TV.

Those plans canceled yet? Yeah. Thought so.