Kourtney & Kim Take New York Finale: Kim Kardashian Decides to End Her Marriage

In emotional season-capping episode, Kim and Kris attempt to salvage their union before admitting they're both unhappy and want divorce

By Tierney Bricker Jan 30, 2012 4:20 AMTags
Kris Humphries, Kim Kardashian Kevin Mazur/WireImage

The moment we've all been waiting with bated breath to see finally happened on Kourtney & Kim Take New York in the season finale.

Kim Kardashian decided to end her marriage to Kris Humphries in tonight's episode, which was so highly anticipated that "Kim and Kris" were trending worldwide on Twitter during the episode. Yes, it was an emotional episode, which featured the couple attempting to salvage their marriage, attempting to talk about their issues and a lot of tears. 

So how'd it all go down?

"It's getting to the point where we need to start talking about it," Kris tells Scott Disick when he asks what the couple's plans are after leaving New York. "New York's been tough."

Kris admits he and Kim "are really weird right now," and Kim says the relationship feels "different and wrong." When Kris and Kim finally sit down to talk, he offers up his solution for their problems: "I think we need to get back to what it was." Kim is clearly resistant, telling him, "Sometimes I just feel so dead in side because I haven't really been myself here."

"We got lost in the shuffle here," Kris says, admitting that he let basketball and traning take over. Kim says they owe it to each other to give their marriage everything they have and they both say they want to make an effort to spend more time together. After their talk, Kim goes over the chat with Kourtney, who tells her sister to see how spending time with Kris makes her feel. "I am glad that Kim and Kris are really going to make an effort to spend time together and make sure what the right decision is," Kourtney says. 

The couple decide to go work out together...and it's going fine until Kris makes fun of Kim for not showing emotion while working out and saying there's a difference between the way an athlete and a regular person work out. Kim gets defensive and decides to leave, wondering why she even bothered making the effort. She says she used to find his humor cute, but now is thinking she's the one that has changed.

Kim and Kris go on a date and it's pretty awkward as the couple has nothing to talk about. The couple starts talking about what they are going to do after leaving New York and Kris says he wants to move all of his stuff into Kim's place. "Kris wants to move all of his stuff to L.A. There's something that I don't feel comfortable with him moving all of his stuff to my house," Kim admits. 

Kourtney tells Kim she's being "a bitch" when she tells Kris not to send his stuff to L.A., and Kim cannot believe Kourtney said that in front of Kris, calling her sister "insensitive." Kris and Kourtney gang up a bit on Kim, who is having major anxiety (and panic attacks) over her relationship. "I love Kris and I care about him," Kim says, adding she doesn't want to hurt him. Having no one else to turn to, Kim calls Khloé and explains the situation to her. "I'm not happy," Kim says while starting to break down. "I'm trying." Khloé calms her sister down, saying, "I just want you to be happy." 

Kourtney then comes in and Kim breaks down to her. "It happened way too fast," Kim cries. "I didn't know him," right as Kris knocks on the door. Kourtney tells her not to answer the door. Scott then comes in and offers his two cents on the situation. "You do realize you're married, right?" Scott says, before admitting he didn't realize how bad it was between them. "He's everything on paper that I want, but my heart isn't connecting," Kim says.

"I feel bad for the guy, I changed his whole life," Kim admits. "My feelings have changed." She then says how horrible she feels about inviting people to "this huge wedding" and that she feels like a failure. Scott says Kim is "a hopeless romantic" and probably felt pressured after seeing her sisters have settled down. He tells her to explain to Kris that she needs a break, but Kim seems pretty checked out of her marriage.

After apologozing to Kris, Kim says, "No matter what happens with Kris and I, we shared something really special. Something only he and I can understand. I love him and I care about him, but we're both not happy." 

"Kim's been acting weird and different," Kris tells his friend. "I was just over her. I'm ready to get a divorce." Later, Kim and Kris are finally leaving New York and Kim says, "I never want to come back." She just wants to get home and figure out her life. The couple's car ride to the airport is tense, with neither saying a word. "I wanted to be married by 30 and everything I envisioned my life to be is not the fairy tale I wanted it to be," Kim says.

So no, we never see the actual split happen.

As Kim explains of her decision to not have the conversation with Kris in front of the cameras: "There comes a time where you kind of have to handle your issues privately."