LUCK:  Dennis Farina, Dustin Hoffman

Gusmano Cesaretti/HBO

Horse racing finally gets its time to shine on TV, thanks to HBO's new series Luck.

The drama premiered tonight and with Dustin Hoffman as its leading man, it's safe to say our expectations were high for this one. Plus, who doesn't love them some horses, are we right?!

Now that you've seen it, we're curious to know what you thought of HBO's latest drama...

Hoffman stars as Chester "Ace" Bernstein, a man who has just been released from prison after serving three years. His "drug" of choice? Gambling, obviously. Extremely intelligent, Ace wants to go back to his former position at the track, felony charges be damned! Aside from gamblers, the show goes into the lives of jockeys, trainers and others as well. 

As if Hoffman wasn't enough, the show comes from Deadwood creator David Milch and the pilot was directed by Michael Mann. Plus, the show also stars Nick Nolte, Dennis Farina, Richard Kind, Kerry Condon, Jason Gedrick, Jill Hennessy and more. Not bad, right? 

HBO actually debuted the pilot early in December after the finale of Boardwalk Empire. While the numbers weren't anything to brag about (about 1.1 million), we're curious to see the reaction from viewers after tonight's airing.

Save It or Sink It, Jan. 29

So what'd you think: would you bet on Luck to stick around or are you leaving the track ater tonight? Vote in our latest Save It or Sink It poll and then head on over to the comments to talk about the show with other TV lovers!

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