What do celebs have to say right before entering the Los Angeles Shrine Exposition Center and hearing all the fabulous nominees followed by winners of the 18th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards?

You'd be surprised.

Check out what some of Hollywood's A-list told E! News while strutting their stuff on the red carpet:

"Baseball was the backdrop but it is really about value, our own self worth, how we determine that self worth, based on perceived successes and failures and what it means to get a second chance."
Brad Pitt on Moneyball and its premise

"He proposed and showed me the ring and I was so shocked I just said 'Oh my god,' and I hugged him. Then he said to me, 'So is that yes?'"
30 Rock's Katrina Bowden on getting engaged the night before

"Oh, calm. We had a lovely morning. You know we're in a hotel when we come here, so it's like a little honeymoon."
The Good Wife's Julianna Marguiles on what her husband would say about how she acted while getting ready for the awards show

"I'm a cougar tonight, but Josh is my dear friend so I'm not gonna put my claws in him."
Octavia Spencer on her plus-one Cougartown's Josh Hopkins

"She's lookin' good, feelin' good…She's completely content. So happy. It's fun to be around her."
Ashley Simpson on how her sister Jessica Simpson is doing with her pregnancy.

"There will always be a desk for Steve Carell, and he knows what I'm talkin' about…"
The Office's Kate Flannery on the show's transition without Carell.

"This dress I love it, because it was made for an athletic body, it was not made for lots and lots of curves. So that's what I mean, I'm not a Sofia Vergara...My butt's all right."
Julie Bowen on why she said at the Emmys she was "built like a 14-year-old boy"

"It would be boringly blissful. There was no drama. There was no upsets. We got to travel a lot, we fell even more madly in love with each other."
Armie Hammer on his first year of marriage

"I just thought, 'He's never gonna make it in this business."
Patrick Duffy on Brad Pitt's appearance on an episode of Dallas

"He's great. He's a clown. He is up for anything, willing to do anything. Great, great spirit."
Jon Cryer on new Two and a Half Men castmate Ashton Kutcher

"I would like to be an 'unemployed actor to a working actor,' that's the transition I'm really interested in."
Matthew Lillard on transitioning from a comedic actor to a serious one

"Don't take advice from celebrities—that's secret number one—on relationships."
Kara Sedgwick on the secret to being married to Kevin Bacon for 23 years

"Oh, I just want to go back to being a mom for a while."
Michelle Williams on what she will be doing on her time off

"We're talking about it, it's a good idea. We're mulling it over."
The Office's Rainn Wilson on having a Dwight spin-off

"Um, you know I'm 50. So it's just trying to get my trou up, is my problem."
George Clooney on whether or not he would do a full frontal in a film

"He's a fantastic dancer."
Emily Blunt on one thing that makes John Krasinski a great husband

"I never said I wasn't wearing panties. I always wear panties. They were really tiny, like a G-string thing, that they're almost no panty but they're a panty."
Sofia Vergara on whether or not she was wearing underwear at the Golden Globes

"I had that before Quinn had it, so what I'm not allowed to wear it?!"
Dianna Agron on wearing the same dress as her Glee character off set

"He has a very firm buttox."
Maya Rudolph commenting on the SAG Award statue

"It's fun to wake up and play with your kids and then get ready and go out and be with a bunch of friends."
Angelina Jolie in response to walking with husband Brad Pitt on the red carpet.

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