Jessica Alba: The Weight Is Almost Over

The actress, who says she "never felt less sexy" being pregnant, is almost back to her prebaby body

By Peter Gicas Jul 10, 2008 4:49 PMTags
Jessica Alba, Cosmopolitan

Just call her the Lose Guru.

In the August issue of Cosmopolitan's U.K. version, new mom Jessica Alba recalls her pregnancy days, saying: "I never felt less sexy. I mean, I wouldn't have changed it for the world...but I wanted to get rid of all the weight."

Well, faster than you can say private trainer...

E! News has learned that just over a month after giving birth to daughter Honor Marie, the Love Guru star is inches away from her prebaby body.

"Jessica is almost back down to her fighting weight," a source tells us. So close, in fact, the actress is confidently pulling clothes just a size above those she wore before carrying hubby Cash Warren's kid.

Alba received a shipment of new clothes from some of her favorite labels Tuesday, all reflecting the pound shedding. Size 28 jeans were sent from AC Jeans designed by Alex Caugant, as well as Aqua VI tees and tops by Bordeaux, a collection known for hiding shapewear (à la Spanx) in their lining.

"She is normally a 26/27, and she is a 28 right now," our source adds. "Pretty quick at losing the weight."

And even quicker at making women around the globe simply envious.

—Reporting by Matt Donnelly