Amber Portwood Mugshot

At least Amber Portwood's current living situation doesn't involve a move to the Big House!

The relocating Teen Mom star, in jail since before Christmas while she awaited trial on a felony drug-possession case, cut a deal Friday to avoid spending five years in prison.

Smart girl.

Portwood pleaded not guilty to one count of possession of a controlled substance—authorities found a prescription medication that she had no prescription for in her purse—and one count of probation violation.

In return, she remains on probation and, if she hopes to remain a free reality-TV star, she must complete the Madison County Drug Court program. Her next hearing is scheduled for Feb. 6 so that a judge can (Portwood hopes) finalize the plea deal.

Stemming from her domestic violence case involving baby daddy Gary Shirley, Portwood missed a probation hearing last month and, when police showed up at her house to check on her, they found the pills in her bag.

As for her living situation, Portwood's now-former landlord had sued to have her evicted while she was locked up, but a judge determined this week that no eviction was necessary because Portwood had been in the process of moving out before she was taken into custody.

A separate hearing on the landlord says Portwood owes her is scheduled for March 14.

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