Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon

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Dear Ted:
With all these splits lately, I wanted to ask about a couple that I thought for sure would never last, but keep surprising me: Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon. It seemed like B.S. when they got married, especially after only six weeks! But they seem genuinely in love whenever I see them. Are they a cougar-cub couple that'll actually last? Love from my three kitties!

Dear Meow:
While the pair does make an unexpected match, having kids does seem to be a sign of commitment.  For now, at least. Not saying it won't last, but only time will tell. For the time being, let's just be happy for the couple and celebrate their staying together amidst all the H'wood breakups! Who'd have thunk it with that loopy gal?

Dear Ted:
As much as I love Naya Rivera and her talent—how much do you think dating a writer has boosted her story lines this year?

Dear Gleekstar:
Let's be fair here. There's no denying the girl's got a killer voice.  But while her talent is aplenty, dating a writer can't hurt. All I can say is, I'm happy for the dazzling diva. It's her time to steal the spotlight! And I cannot believe I'm saying that. Like, at all.

Dear Ted:
I know you have already shot down any possibility between Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick. But I was a bit thrown off with his comments to your colleague, Kristin, about him being "madly in love with Leighton." Was it just a comment about mutual respect and just the typical attraction from one coworker to another? Or what's going on here? Because I was reading the comments from everyone on the web. Or is that what he wanted, hmmm...As always, love ya!

Ed also mentions that he and his Gossip Girl costar started out very young and grew up on the show together. To me it sounds more like a deep bond of mutual respect. But I've always been a fan of the onscreen duo, so if anything were to happen, nothing but love and support here. Were you expecting something different from me?

Dear Ted:
Why hasn't hot Miranda Kerr's great fashion sense rubbed off on handsome Orlando Bloom? Did you see him in those bright purple pants? He's dressing like he's ugly again!

Dear Fashion Citation:
Wow, those purple sweats are pretty atrocious, but is anything going to take away from Orlando's sexiness?  Me thinks not! Perhaps he wears them just because he can. Or did he borrow them from wifey's closet? Who cares? He's a hot dad with a hot wife who are also miraculously (like Mariah and Nick) still together! ‘Nuff said.

Dear Ted:
If Derek Jeter is still with Minka Kelly, she certainly does put up with anything, including other women. She's in it for the money and a little media attention. For the record, Derek Jeter isn't gay. This I know for a fact, which is also why I know she must be fine with other women. Facts that are as recent as last week. Winkie, winkie.

Dear Open Relaysh:
What are you insinuating here? I doubt that sweet Minka would be OK with Derek and other women. What do you know, M?! 

Dear Ted:
I can understand why actors feel the need to remain in the closet during their career, but has anyone ever come out after he's retired? I can't seem to remember anyone, so could you either refresh my memory or try to explain why they didn't?

Dear Closet Case:
Singer Ricky Martin certainly came out after he made all his loot. Sir Ian McKellen kinda ditto. Richard Chamberlain officially came out in 2003, much after the height of his career in the '60s. Tab Hunter came out in his 2006 autobiography, Tab Hunter Confidential. But if you are looking for more current actors, I guess we will just have to wait and see.

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