Blind Vice vampire

Dear Ted:
You dished on a heap of Blind Vices but no update on the deliciously naughty Nelly Fang? I love you but please give your readers a little bit of gossip on his shenanigans...k?

Dear Fanging Around:
Nelly's been laying rather low, but it's been far too long since we've seen the fangtastic hunk on the prowl. In other words, except some new shenanigans, very soon.

Dear Ted:
Pease do tell: What's Chiquita been up to these days?

Dear Horizontal Climbing:
Chiquita's been living the good life babe, as her Vicey ways have proved very profitable for the gal. She's incredibly crafty when it comes to her celebrity status, problem is, costars have definitely caught on to her game.

Dear Ted:
Why would King Schlong be depressed? Is it Vice related or career related?

Dear Vice Got Ya Down:
A little bit of both, babe, because with Schlong, his Vice and his career are always connected. But if I had to choose, I would say he's more upset career-wise, for now, although it's tough to tell.

Dear Ted:
Just wondering, does Joe Mangianello have a Vice? He's one of the hottest guys I've ever seen! Thanks!

Dear Vicey Vamp?:
Sorry doll, Joe may be as sexy as ever, but he's no Blind Vicer. Such a shame for someone so hot, no?

Dear Ted:
First time writer, and just wanted to let you know how much I love AT! I've gotten all my fellow Canadian friends addicted to you too! Yesterday was Australia Day (Jan. 26) and it got me thinking: We all know that Mel Gibson's Vices are hardly blind, and your loyal followers know that Nicole Kidman is a hall-of-famer. But what about hunky and debonair Aussie Hugh Jackman? He's the stuff dreams are made of, but we don't hear a lot about him. Any Viciness going on there? Also, what's the deal with his wife? Lotsa love from the great white north!

Dear Vicing Down Under:
Hugh and his wife are anything but a traditional couple, I will admit. But Deborra-Lee Furness is not only older-chick sexy, she's a remarkably talented actor, something else that leads to hotness, no? And while Hugh's definitely a Blind Vicer, that doesn't mean his Vice is necessarily related to his marriage. And thanks for the love, doll! Right back atcha!

Dear Ted:
I know you have touched on the subject before but I want to know, out of all the Hollywood preggos in the past year how many were real and how many were faked a la surrogate? Tori Spelling seems to be the only person lately who actually looked after she gave birth like she was actually pregnant. don't really like her but got to give her kudos for that!

Dear Mama Drama:
What's with the speculation these days? First Beyoncé and now you're accusing all of H'Wood of faking it? I think you're a little too suspicious, C. Even I doubt the vainest celebrities would go to such lengths to fake a pregnancy. Then again, you never know—a new Vice in the making?

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