Sean Penn

Tony Barson/Getty Images

Sean Penn to the rescue—and not just in Haiti!

The actor probably thought he was going to have a peaceful time out last night when he hit the Zinc Lounge at the Shade hotel in Manhattan Beach, Calif., at about 11 p.m.


While enjoying a drink with a lady friend, a fellow bar patron apparently had a few too many.

"This guy was drunk and yelling at the bartender," an eyewitness tells me. "He wasn't making much sense, but he was loud and just kept screaming."

That's when Penn sprung into action.

"Sean came over to the bar and said, 'Is everything OK over here?'" the source said. "The guy was a smart aleck and said to Sean, 'Stay out of it, Sparky!'" (Maybe he meant to say Spicoli?)

Penn remained calm, gave the guy a smile and returned to his table.

And that seemed to do the trick. The boozy dude stopped yelling and left the bar.

Good job, Mr. Penn.

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