Cory Monteith, Lea Michele

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Dear Ted:
I know you've shot down the Lea Michele-Cory Monteith relationship rumors numerous times, but if they really aren't an item, do you think their flirty Twitter banter (Cory said Lea's Candies shoot "looks pretty hot") and intimately posed photos are a publicity booster or an actual friendship? P.S. Love you and the Awful Truth—downloaded the E! app so I could have it with me all the time.

Dear High School Sweethearts:
Well, to be fair, Lea does look pretty hot in those pics. And she and Cory are definitely friendly—I never said otherwise. But they aren't as hot and heavy as some Gleeks would like them to be either. But Cory probably is a good match for Lea, these days…and she certainly doesn't mind fans getting in a tizzy speculating whether or not Finchel is the real deal.

Dear Ted:
You are the worst gossip columnist ever. People are looking to you for the story on Demi Lovato and all you can offer up is a quote from her publicist? What are you, Gossip Cop or something? Do your job and get on the real story! And at the very least, riddle me this...if Demi isn't in rehab, then where is she? She sure doesn't appear to be available to shoot these rumors down herself.

Dear Girl Who Cried Rehab:
Sorry to pull a Gossip Cop on you, babe, but we have to stick with Team Lovato on this one. And it's not just her publicist who has slammed down the rumors; her Sonny With a Chance costar tweeted in Dem's defense as well. That being said, we're less than happy about her Twitter break and find the whole thing a tad unusual for the outspoken Disney star, but that's it to the story. At least for now.

Dear Ted:
Minka Kelly
and Derek Jeter are a very strange couple. I think she'll put up with anything just to get a ring from him. She's not the first young, hot girl looking for a rich man but for some reason no one points this out. Is she that sly? Is she a beard? She's too sweet. Spill!

Dear Strike Three:
Puh-lease. While Derek would have, like, the juiciest Vice ever if all those chicks—ya know, like Jessica Alba and Jessica Biel—were just bearding for him, I can't say that's the case. Minka and D.J. broke up and then got back together, which is hardly the rarest relaysh status in T-town.

Dear Ted:
Speaking of "tell-tale" signs—would you say that no longer wearing a ring means Matt Bomer is splitting from the reason for wearing the ring? Off topic: They may not have been married but Brit and Justin was the saddest HW breakup for me. And as always I have to ask a Judas Jack-Off-Dashed Dingle-Dream question: Any recent nooky action between those two?

Dear Breakups and Shakeups:
Why are you playing so coy, Bell? But last I heard blue-eyed beauty Mr. Bomer's personal life was in tip-top shape. As for your other Q: All "nooky action" has ceased and desisted for the time being…hmmm, I wonder how long that'll last this time.

Dear Ted:
Elizabeth Taylor
's legacy is going to be carried on by her countless films and her two Oscar-winning performances, not some third-rate TV movie. Regardless of what is done by the people who brought us Rob Lowe's future award-winning performance in Drew Peterson: Untouchable, Liz's life is destined to be remembered more for her decades of charity work, many acting accolades and her equally impressive list of husbands. So chill, babe. (Love ya, Ted)

Dear Boob Tube Beyotch:
Sure, no one is going to forget what a talented actress and fab humanitarian Liz was, but excuse me for wanting her small-screen shoes to be filled by someone even slightly worthy. I'm positive there will be a big-screen biopic someday and hopefully Kate Winslet will be available, but for now this is what we got, Mikey.

Dear Ted:
Does R.Pattz care for Kristen Stewart at all?! He cheated on her and he still hasn't come out and made a statement to clear Kristen's name, making her look like a victim.

Dear This Again?
Yawn. Rob never cheated.

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