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Confession: I may or may not be crying as I write this after watching tonight's series finale of Chuck. OK, I totally am. Warning: The final two hours will put you through the emotional ringer!

To help prepare you to say goodbye (and bring a little nostalgic levity!), we've compiled a look back at some of our favorite behind-the-scenes moments with the cast (exclusive video from our Chuck vault), and the show's greatest—and geekiest—guest stars. Hey, remember that time Zachary Levi got pregnant with Josh Gomez's baby to help save the show? Good. Times. Check it out!

In the first video below, you'll also see my first-ever visit to the set of Chuck in 2007 (before the show aired), in which Zachary Levi proved he was perhaps the most enthusiastic actor ever about a new project, giving the longest explanation of a TV series in the history of television. And of course, all the while being adorable and funny and accompanied by my then "boyfriend" Josh Gomez.

Let the record show: NBC's Chuck had one of TV's most lovable casts, both onscreen and off, of all time. And they will be greatly missed by fans around the world.

Now check out some of our other favorite old-school moments with the cast, and our gallery of guest stars below.

Then check back here tonight, as soon as the Chuck finale is over, for a postmortem group hug and therapy session. You're gonna need it.

PHOTOS: Chuck's Geekiest and Greatest Guest Stars!

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