Already suffering from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills withdrawal? Us, too.

Don't fret, our pet, because a week after that blowout finale, Bravo will begin to air its—wait for it—three-part reunion special with our lovely ladies from the Hills, kicking off on Jan. 30 at 9 p.m. And in case you can't wait another four days until the first show hits the tube, we've got some sneak peeks for you.

So what was on the agenda of things to talk about? Well, for starters, Kim Richards checking into rehab.

"She's doing really, really well," sister Kyle Richards told host Andy Cohen, but preferred to not answer why Kim entered rehab and said, "I think is a question my sister should answer. I don't wanna speak for Kim." Fair enough.

Was her check-in to a treatment facility much of a surprise to the other women?

"I think we were all aware that something was off, " Lisa Vanderpump said. "I mean, we were. But we didn't know quite what it was. It was very difficult to, kind of, ascertain, you know, what was going on with her. But I think she wouldn't have gone without really needing to be there. I mean, she obviously had to sort something out."

And Adrienne Maloof added, "It takes a lot of courage to do what she's done and obviously it's a step in the right direction."

Speaking of Adrienne and Lisa...

Andy asked the new shoe designer about her blog post which called Lisa out on her "snide remarks" and "classless comments." Wait, what?!

Adrienne wasn't too fond of Lisa referring to Maloof's new shoe line as "Maloof Hoof."

"Yeah but it was just a play on words in the interview, something cute," Lisa said to defend her comment, "I mean, I'm sorry but that's a joke. I didn't think that was hurtful," and explained that it was supposed to go with Vanderpump. Hmmm...not everyone was a fan.

"I thought it was a mean comment. I didn't think it was that funny," Camille Grammer confessed. And then Lisa just dug herself into another hole—watch the clip to hear how.

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