The Brothers Grimm: Snow White, Lily Collins, Snow White and the Huntsman, Kristen Stewart

Matthew Rolston/Relativity Media; Rankin/Universal Studios

If Mirror Mirror is your Snow White movie of choice, we've got some bad news: You're going to have to wait a bit longer than planned before you can see it.

And we do mean just a bit. Because Relativity announced today that they would be pushing the fairy-tale flick from its intended March 16 release date to March 30—which puts it closer to Snow White and the Huntsman's June 1 release. Not to fear though, that'll still give them a very healthy head start over competitor .

Of course, the comparisons will still be there, no matter when these movies comes out, but instead how about we hear more about what Lily Collins has to say about her film...

While Julia Roberts scored most of the screen time in the Mirror Mirror trailer, Lily Collins gets her time to shine—and actually speak, which is more than we can say for Kristen Stewart's Snow—in a new featurette.

"The seven dwarves turn out to be somewhat mentors to her," Lily explains in the clip. "Napoleon creates a whole new look for me"—all together now, fashion montage!—"And our story is a little different in nature—they train me, physically and emotionally. And she's modernized, which is a fun way to play it."

So just how adorable are the dwarves?

If you're into inspirational pep talks and swordplay and drawf-on-dwarf combat, then pretty dang cute.

But personally, we wouldn't mess with them. ‘Cause it looks like the formerly-named Sleepy and Grumpy and Doc (who go by names like Butcher and Napoleon and Grimm in this version) can kick some serious booty.

We must admit, we're warming up to this re-telling a bit.

While it's no secret we think Ms. Roberts is not at her best taking on the monstrous step-mother role (we far prefer Charlize Theron's chilling queen), this clip comes across more like Shrek­-esque fun, ya know minus a healthy dose of subversive humor.

Or maybe we were just too distracted by all the shirtless Armie Hammer in the featurette to judge!

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